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HDMI Switch Shenannagains! Trying to think toward the future..


#1 maryadavies  


Posted 03 July 2018 - 04:50 AM

So okay. My brother found me a open box Rocketfish 4 port HDMI switch because my TV only has 2 hdmi ports. (Pretty annoying.)


Recently I started getting major fuzz and stuff; it turned out it was the cable that attached it to the TV but I got a new switch from Monoprice to try since I was troubleshooting. Well? I don't know what caused it (Static on the cables, maybe?) but for a bit, my PS4 seemed to be haunted and turned on when I turned on my PS3. (Uh..) Went back to the Rocketfish, it did it again when I turned the PS3 on to watch something on Crunchyroll. I've uncrossed the HDMI cables, hopefully that'll stop that.


Thing is, I can see myself getting a Nintendo Switch in the near future; I'm just waiting to see what games come out for it first (I don't lay down the money for a system unless it has at least 3 games I want to play; want it to be worth it) Mind, that Rocketfish has been a trouper and still works okay(It's been there since 2015 btw) now that I got a new cable to attach it to the TV, but I want to make sure I got HDMI ports to spare. There will be new consoles and I rarely sell a console.


So. Anyone know any reasonably priced HDMI switchers that have more than 4 ports? I know some swear by Kinovo but I'd rather reach beyond that and have some options when the inevitable "Oh no, I got more consoles than I have HDMI ports" comes up again.

#2 n64ra   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   2521 Posts   Joined 12.5 Years Ago  

Posted 03 July 2018 - 02:53 PM

Search monoprice. I have one like this - https://www.monopric...duct?p_id=15374 You'll run out of ports even with five....

#3 maryadavies  


Posted 04 July 2018 - 12:22 AM

I got that one for the test, turned out I can't cross two of the HDMI cables tho. If I do I get a haunted PS4!


And yeah, that's the problem. I swear with HDMI things, they BREED. That's why I'm looking for more ports. ^^ I don't want to pay a mint though.

#4 Larry Davis   It's All Smooth Sailing From Here On Out CAGiversary!   2807 Posts   Joined 5.2 Years Ago  

Larry Davis

Posted 05 July 2018 - 01:25 AM

I get the static stuff sometimes and it's my TV. Turning the tv off and then on again fixes it. Sounds like you've got an HDMI port going bad somewhere along the line.


Might not be urgent, though, my TV's done that for years.

#5 maryadavies  


Posted 05 July 2018 - 03:43 PM

Larry; I think with me it was the switch. The new switch has fixed the static stuff. I tested with all three (with HDMI control off for that seems to cause the "haunted PS4" problem) and it's never been clearer. Also before I got the new one, plugging the things in directly stopped the static. (Unfortunately the TV only has 2 native HDMI ports, hence why I need a switcher.)


I still think eventually I'll need more ports than 5 (6, if you count the one the computer takes up that's built into the TV) so yeah, I'm keeping a eye out and if anyone has any go tos for that that don't cost a arm and a leg, I'm all ears. ^^

#6 Navigator2001Plus  


Posted 07 July 2018 - 06:16 AM

I've used this one since 2014 and it's still going strong: https://smile.amazon...dmi+switch&th=1


I use it for all of my game consoles. The first one I got did have a bad input on it, but the replacement has been working great. It's super cheap too.

#7 Davidsuepe  


Posted 27 September 2018 - 12:32 PM

Very nice I just started playing this, myself. Got the season pass for 6 on Greenmangaming I think. Love the writing in all these Borderlands games.