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DRAGALIA LOST - Nintendo's Next Mobile Game (Update 10/5: Account Giveaway)

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Posted 27 September 2018 - 04:32 PM



In the process of downloading this now for the iOS (requires 2GB +) on today's official global release date.  Anyone else excited for this action-RPG hybrid with gacha elements & team co-op gameplay?  I am transitioning from FGO and Seven Knights, so pretty familiar territory there.


Launch Events Schedule


Hope to update later with my summoned rolls and maybe start a friend list here.  Good luck and chime in with tips and favorite heroes/dragons combination for this burgeoning franchise.  Cheers!


UPDATE 10/05/2018 :  I have two MyNintendo linked starter accounts giveaway for anyone interested. One account has 5-star lvl 15+ JULIETTA (top-tier tank char) and two 5-star wrymprints.  Another account contains lvl 50+ Xander (top-tier atk and full-strike char), 5-star dragon JEANNE D' ARC, and newest 5-star event dragon...Pendragoth(sp?).  My device keeps getting disconnected during raids & co-op, so I'm taking a hiatus until a more stable patch comes out or I can upgrade to a better tablet/smart phone.