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Recent Trend: Thinking Collector Edition Games are the Console itself.

#1 Keisu  

Posted 12 December 2018 - 04:14 AM

I had seen some people have feedback on eBay of people screaming because they paid 200 for a collectors edition and they assumed it's suppose to come with the 400 dollar playstation.  I thought those were a one off....


Today I learned...


When I listed a Collectors edition Smash Bros. Ultimate on Craigslist I have gotten non-stop messages and phonecalls about HEY IS THE SMASH CONSOLE STILL AVAILABLE.  It says on there, It's a game, says what it includes, even links to my eBay listing. 


God damn people are fucking stupid.

#2 Tweeg  

Posted 14 December 2018 - 05:23 AM

Welcome to the future, where people are to stupid to take the time to read product, and Ebay item, descriptions.

#3 HenryFropy  


Posted 12 March 2019 - 12:15 PM

Because there's no topic so simple that there can't be some oddball exceptions: Would games for the 32x and Sega CD peripherals count as 16 bit?