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Target Ad (Week 2/10 – 2/16) Buy 2 Get 1 Free All Games, Movies, Books & Select Video Games

#121 Rick Astley  

Rick Astley

Posted Today, 09:24 AM

It was still workin around 2:30 EST. Damn it I had to mess it up. Oh well

#122 Amonthar   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   606 Posts   Joined 8.9 Years Ago  

Posted Today, 01:39 PM

I bought KH3 PS4, D3 Switch and pre-ordered DmC 5 PS4 and then my daughter asked me if she could get a Switch game out of the blue, DKC. I told her yes and was able to swap out the D3 Switch for DKC with no issues.

D3 Switch was just under $40 on the eShop as well, so I got it from there and downloaded it.

I get to start D3 from scratch now. On my pc I have 100% achievements and all types of portraits and wings. Time to start hunting.

#123 Nothing-   Tomorrow King - Interloper Kai CAGiversary!   7857 Posts   Joined 7.4 Years Ago  

Posted Today, 06:08 PM

Well the sale is over but yesterday I finally cashed in on some collector's edition books that I've been meaning to add to my collection:



#124 Renzler   Dude CAG Veteran   1129 Posts   Joined 0.7 Years Ago  

Posted Today, 06:23 PM

Oh man! I forgot about the Ultimania books being part of the deal... Good pickup