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Best Buy Ad 2/17-2/23: Free Steelbook with Pokémon: Let's Go

#189 MaddDogg84  


Posted 24 February 2019 - 06:18 PM

How are loading screens? I'll be on XBX.

I found this which seemed promising:

I have ~10 hrs into Mass Effect 3 and while I "get it" and loved, I'm far from the superfans that are broken hearted over story. Borderlands 2, Destiny, FO3 and FO4 that have...less required reading... have reasonated with me more from a story angle. If anything I found the characters in the demo to be really compelling compared to Destiny and the like.

I have been following Anthem's subreddit for months to track how they have interacted and attempt to stay ahead of large issues. Even critics seem to have faith in Bioware responding fast along the way.

I'm basically overthinking the heck out of this not bc of money. Not worried about that, but rather don't want to be part of "the problem" where industry moves towards less accountability and stupid practices like the early release (15th) that isn't held to Day One standards.