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Should Some Video Games Use A Two Year Life Cycle?

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Posted 24 February 2019 - 05:09 AM

Hey guys/gals

I was just sitting here bored and thinking about how there is nothing I want to play right now on my xbox, which is sad. But I was thinking....why don’t more game companies make games that last for two years?

My examples would be sports games and even say Call of Duty.

The biggest one for more would be sports games. Why not label the game 2019 & 2020 or something. One this could give devs more time to make a better game and two people would think they are getting their monies worth. What really changes year to year? The rosters, music, small game play tweak? I would much rather spend $60 and feel like I get a good solid game that last.

Call of Duty type games could be the same too imo. Just give us regular updates/new game modes/maps/etc.

I guess I just get burnt out on buying the same games all the time. I stopped buying sports games every single year and only a hand full of games interest me anymore. And for god’s sake...please stop with the Battle Royales.

Anyway, rant over for now. Hopefully others feel the same as I do.

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Posted 02 April 2019 - 06:49 AM

Y'know it really seems to depend on the game. I've never been a fan of sports games, unless they're of the, "Kooky," variety. Even still, only up until about the Sega Saturn/PS1 era. Stuff like Madden has never interested me. I would assume, however, that they don't do that because the team lineups change every year. If it wasn't tied to specific players and franchises that can change month-to-month, I would guess that they might do that. Every time a new game comes out they make tons of cash though, so I'm sure they're not complaining about just having to make some minor tweaks here and there. That's just what I think based on extremely limited information, though, I don't have any understanding of sports.


Now with the Call of Duty games... I kinda agree, it's pretty much all Activision friggin' has now, as anything other than just a publisher. But it sells! And every 8 months, or whatever, there's a new Call of Duty game that a handful of my friends run out to buy just so they can blow each other up in...new? and...exciting? ways? I guess?


I mean, for me, Unreal GOTY 1999 has had a 20 year life cycle.


Also, yeah, Battle Royales I can live without, but maybe it's not so different from all of the arena shooters that started to come out around 1998 and didn't stop until 2006.