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Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital

#1 nelmar23  


Posted 22 April 2019 - 07:48 AM

Pop Culture is not tired of zombies, even if it’s not as loud, it’s roaming around much like the undead that plagues games, tv shows, and movies.

Playing Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital gave me the nostalgia feels as to why zombies in games are just so good, and why it still gives that nice and nasty feeling whenever you blow up their heads, feet, and arms. There are a lot of zombie lovers that can say that it’s good fodder, much like Nazis (which is probably why there is already a game with Nazi Zombies).

But are zombies really a good thing?

Personally, as a zombie fan, I say it is a good thing. Would I survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Probably not. But I’m definitely one of those fans that companies target whenever they use zombies in their products.

So where am I getting at?

Zombie games. Yes, ZOMBIE GAMES.

With Resident Evil 2 Remake out, PUBG’s crossover with RE 2 Remake also doing well, and The Last of Us Part 2 release lurking about, zombie games are looking pretty good this 2019.

I’m currently playing Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital, and the more I play it, the more I get hooked to how good and insane it really is. I just can’t put it in the same category with the 3 other games I just mentioned, because it is a new category on its own.

The game mechanics is new to me, and the difficulty it presents to me as a gamer is challenging me to get back and play it again until I get better and better.

Do you love being item wise, and win games by using items strategically? Then the game mechanics on this one will definitely do the trick!

I can literally go on and on about this game, but experiencing it on your own will be a lot better.