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CAGcast #661: Undelivered Dreams

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Posted 21 November 2020 - 11:58 PM

Talking about "They Shall Not Grow Old" , which is amazing. If you want more WW1 coverage I suggest The Great War channel on YouTube were they covered WWI week by week 2014-2018 what happened a hundred years ago. Besides those videos they have Q&A videos about WWI, travel videos to WWI battlefields, specials about famous people in WWI (Tolkien, Hitler, etc.) and so much more.


Also the host of that channel after finishing The Great War channel has the same format about WWII.


PS. They are doing a crazy video on Pearl Harbor in a few weeks, which will be about the attack minute by minute. So around a five hour show about the Pearl Harbor attack. And hey it's sponsored by Warthunder, so go video games!