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Official Collector's Edition Compilation XII - 2021

#3361 refluxx   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   401 Posts   Joined 10.0 Years Ago  

Posted Yesterday, 07:46 PM

Danganronpa Decadence Collector's Edition is back in-stock on Amazon.

#3362 Stele   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   653 Posts   Joined 14.1 Years Ago  

Posted Yesterday, 07:59 PM

That's cool. Do you want to sell it to me for cost + shipping?

Then he’ll sell it on eBay.

#3363 Vinny   Bang, bang... pew... CAGiversary!   24353 Posts   Joined 17.3 Years Ago  

Posted Today, 04:27 AM

My Target order of the Danganronpa CE is sitting in limbo. Guessing it’ll get cancelled

Mine too. 


EDIT* Just saw it's available on Amazon per a few posts above so just ordered there as a backup. 

#3364 Josef   Raising Acts! CAGiversary!   13518 Posts   Joined 17.7 Years Ago  

Posted Today, 05:38 AM

Looks like Amazon is offering free returns of the item (for any reason) so I ordered from them as a backup in case Target doesnt come through.