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Rite-Aid BonusCash Rewards for June 20-26, 2021 ... 20% ROI on GC’s for Xbox & PlayStation

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Posted 27 June 2021 - 02:51 AM

Well crap ... one of the few weeks I didn't check Rite-Aid's weekly circular, and this week WAS an Xbox & PSN week.  Maybe someone in the Pacific time zone can still get there before 10pm? :wall:

The following deal is listed as "get $5 BonusCash when you buy $24.99 or more, limit 2 (*)“:

  • XBOX ... also can be used for Microsoft Store or Office 365 subscriptions (or whatever), since the value is all deposited/deducted from the same LiveID.
  • Sony Playstation ... which can include PSN Store, PlayStation Plus, or PlayStation Now

Click here to see the ad’s displayed GC's eligible:


For those who are new to the "Rite-Aid wellness+ reward BonusCash" program, you'll receive the $$$ amount when you purchase the minimum amount specified. Gift-cards within the same bullet-point share the same "limit 2 offers per customer", but you can earn rewards on the other bullet-point lines as well. For example, you can purchase $50 of XBOX credit plus $40 of Nintendo. The BonusCash will arrive in your account by 6am EDT the next morning, and can be used for just about anything except gift cards, alcohol, prescriptions, or dairy products (see "Earning BonusCash" in the “wellness+ BonusCash T&C’s” below).

And if you don’t already get your prescriptions at Rite-Aid ... why not? When you spend $500 worth of prescriptions in a Jan-Jun or Jul-Dec period, for the next 6 months, you get 20% off just about anything else in the store (except for gift cards, alcohol, prescriptions, dairy products, etc). I don’t work for them, but I get my breakfast cereal, cheap coffee, anti-perspirant, and toilet paper @ 20% below any sale prices (and those can often have BonusCash rewards attached as well) :mrgreen:

* = Small print at bottom of the page included here:

wellness+ BonusCash Terms & Conditions included here:

FYI ... the limit of "2 offers per customer" is tracked by your "wellness+ rewards" account, so you'll need to limit yourself to 2 offers per line item throughout the week, and not just "2 per transaction" or "2 per day". At the time of purchase, your printed receipt will indicate how many of the "limit 2" you've met, but neither the website nor register will indicate ...

  • if you've met the limit of 2 items per BonusCash group with the current transaction, or
  • if the transaction you're about to complete exceeds the limit of 2 per week, or
  • when your BonusCash rewards will expire.

Neither the mobile nor desktop websites will lists your individual accumulation, but the mobile app DOES list individual accumulations & cashing out on a per transaction basis, so that's a good way to keep tabs on the expiration dates, since you only get 30 days to spend the BonusCash once earned.

Good hunting and good luck!