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People don't make sense in this timeline

#1 KingBeefsteak  


Posted 09 November 2021 - 02:51 AM

People just don’t make any damn sense anymore. I will ask a question or mention something that’s happening and people just beat around the question. Nobody answers logically or answers a question. I feel like I’m going in circles with everyone. I mentioned problems I am having with my car and other things to a few people. One friend of mine responded with how Dave Ramsey was homeless or something. Another guy responded with “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” Yet nobody responds with solutions or answers a question.

I really can’t relate and don’t know how to talk to these people anymore. I remember pre 2012-2013 people answered like humans now they are like fake robots. Anyone else experiencing this? I mean every single person responds in riddles or with anger.

Seriously almost everything is way different/bizarre/unfamiliar now.

Completely different realities. All you have to do is look at anything from 2010-2011 and then look at what has been produced since then to see it. Something really weird has happened to space time or something.

#2 Jodou   Infamous CAGiversary!   16148 Posts   Joined 13.5 Years Ago  

Posted 09 November 2021 - 09:54 PM

Wise man say: when flying upside down, have crack-up.