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Posted 05 March 2022 - 02:55 AM

I'm making this thread in order to get the Elden Ring discussion out of the PS deals thread where it has been dominating.


Please keep spoilers tagged.  I would also like to build a spoiler-free (or at least spoiler-light) list of things in the OP that you need to do, or not miss, in order to get all the trophies/achievements. And maybe some general tips too.


Potentially missable legendary weapons:



Jodou had a tip about summons:



This is the list of quest steps for a third legendary weapon you can otherwise possibly miss. It also eventually leads to one of the endings, but you can do all of this and choose a different ending too.  You can safely not look at this list until you have beaten the second main boss, which is in the magic academy ("Hogwarts") place.  It is just a list of steps with no detail, so not super-spoilery, but keeping it hidden just in case:




Spoiler-light notes on the 3 endings.  There's some stuff you need to do and some stuff you should avoid if you want to get all 3 endings in one playthrough (via save backup).  Steps are taken from: https://www.powerpyx...-guide-roadmap/


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