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CAGcast #748: Our Favorites of 2022

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Posted 22 December 2022 - 03:12 PM

Join us for a discussion on our favorite movies, TV, and video games of 2022. Thanks for listening this year!
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Show Linkage/Notes:
Intro - Cardi B - I Like It Remix Tech House
Outro - Atari Space Invaders 1980 TV commercial

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Posted 22 December 2022 - 10:55 PM


#3 gorgo   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   1453 Posts   Joined 19.2 Years Ago  

Posted 23 December 2022 - 07:51 PM

Thanks for a great year, guys!


Question for Wombat: 


I'm interested in Midnight Suns but that runtime is a bit daunting. I of course also am interested in the DLC characters, but using them I suppose would entail playing through AGAIN... should I wait til the DLC characters are out before playing? Do you plan to run through it again with them?


Question for all:


I picked up Atari 50, it's very cool, yes... love all the documentary stuff, and Food Fight, one of my all-time favorites, plays better on this than it does on my Atgames Legends (since the arcade game had an analog joystick, it doesn't play well with an 8-way stick). Aside from a few favories, how much time do you spend playing the games? I haven't found a lot I want to go back to. 

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Posted 24 December 2022 - 07:07 AM

Cheapy: I want to give you some advice that's made my life a lot happier: it's okay for other people to like things that you don't, and there's no value in telling people that something they enjoy is "bad." Every single thing that Ship and Wombat brought up, you dismissed with "bad" or "yuck" or "stupid." These are your friends talking about things that make them happy - you should celebrate that. It's okay that different things made *you* happy, but you shouldn't be so hard on Ship and Wombat just because they liked Guy's Grocery Games or Sonic 2 instead of White Lotus. I appreciated getting to listen to a list of recommendations that included such a wide variety from all three of you. Don't yuck their yum.

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Posted 24 December 2022 - 12:54 PM

Thanks for another year of the podcast. My top 5 games from 2022 were:

1. WRC Generations
2. Tactics Ogre Reborn
3. Horizon II Forbidden West
4. Bayonetta 3
5. Immortality

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Posted 31 December 2022 - 04:46 PM

What were the top 5 shows/movies you guys liked in 2022? Wanted to add them to my list