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PS3 Information, Good, bad or pointless?

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 02:40 AM


PSM September Magazine reveals interesting PS3 Information

In the upcoming PSM magazine, there is a feature article about the PS3. They say they received some 'new' information from their development sources who wish to remain anonnymous! No more memory cards, HDD is not for games and more detailed in this article!

#1 No More Memory Cards

We've received a lot of letters asking about how PS2 will be backwards compatible with PS2 and the original Playstation if it doesn't have memory card slot. Well, we have an answer, and it's both good and bad. First, the bad news: All of those old memory cards you have won't be usable with PS3. Okay then, wha's the solution? Sony has actually decided to only use Memory Stick Duo cards(the same format PSP uses) for PS3 save data. However, if you play a PS1 or PS2 game on PS3, the system will treat the Memory Stick like it's a normal memory card. This is different from the PS2, which requires you to use a PS1 memory card for PS1 saves. What this means is that you won't be able to use any of your old saves if you play PS1/PS2 games on PS3(wonder if a DexDrive will work...). But there's an upshot to all this: Downloading and sharing saves via PC for all three Playstations and PSP(hint, hint) will be easy as pie.

#2 Peripherals Passed Up

PS3 won't have old style memory card slots, and we can confirm that it won't support PS1/PS2 peripherals that used the controller port. You will be able to play PS1/PS2 games just fine using the new PS3 controller (bizarre as it looks), but things such as dance pads and third-party controllers won't be officially supported. Of course, it's highly likely some PS2-to-USB adaptor will be made(there's already one for the PC) allowing for such a thing. The question, then, is when.

#3 The Specs Aren't Set

Sony revealed some impressive PS3 tech specs at E3, but they apparently weren't set in stone. Developers have begun to tell us about actual improvements being made to the system's specifications, including more system memory and other low-level upgrades that we won't physically notice, but are making the people producing the games simply giddy.

#4 The HDD Won't Be For Games

There were plenty of moans heard when Sony started talking about an add-on hard disk drive for th PS3. We all know how well the PS2 HDD did. Still, there will be a micro HDD released for PS3 at some point in time. The first capacity being pitched is 80 gigabytes, but developers are being told it won't be for use with games. Instead, Sony is planning to use it as pure storage; you'll do things like put downloaded movies on it, copy MP3s to it, and store your digital photos on it. Then, using the PS3's network hub capability, be able to watch/listen to it all on any capable device hooked up to your home network, like a PC, PSP or even another PS3.

#5 The PSP As A Remote

A lot of folks were left scratching their heads after Sony talked about using the PSP as a emote for the PS3. Well, here's how it works at present: Even if your PS3 is in sleep mode, you will be able to access it via a PSP using Wi-Fi. You can then manage media stored on it, control movie playback from another room, or simply turn it on. Whee!

#6 There's A TiVo-like Add-on

Plans call for PS3 to eventually receive a USB video input box that will make it capable of recording video and television programming to the optional micro HDD. In other words, TiVo. Sony is also making a lot of behind-the-scenes noise about being able to go on trips and download shows you've missed from your PS3 to your PSP -- over the internet. We imagine using a USB cable would work just fine, too.

#7 Most games will be 720p

Although many PS3 games will feature 1080i and 1080p high-definition modes, a majority of developers are using the 720p standard as their target resolution. This is great news because the majority of HDTV's out there don't support 1080p yet, and the ones that do are hella expensive. It's pretty, though.

#8 Speed OR Quality: It's Your Call

It's something PC gamers have been able to do for years: Run their games at a lower resolution in order to speed them up. As it stands, Sony is leaving the door open for developers to offer players the ability to make their games run faster and smoother by using lower resolutions like 480p(progressive) or 480i(the standard egular TVs use). Sony obviously wouldn't want to abandon the majority of gamers who have non-HDTVs do by forcing all games to run at 720p. It's nice to hear that HD-less folks will get a little speed (can't read) from the lower resolutions, but if you're like us, it's all about resolution, baby.

Obviously the original source of this information is the PSM magazine September edition, so when it's available be sure to grab yourself a copy!

News Source: e-mpire.com

Of course thanks goes to Bad_Boy from pspcomplete for the heads up on this!

If you are useing HD resolutions the games might be choppy???
No gaming HDD Boooooooooo!
No PS2 or PSX card slot or controller slots, BOOOOOOO!
PSP thing ok
Tivo thing Cool!!
Up the specs cool!

Most of this is bad news imho.


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Posted 04 August 2005 - 02:45 AM

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