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San Diego (Point Loma) state of the Circuit City

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Posted 14 June 2006 - 03:06 AM

Posted on the main thread too, but just in case:

Just back from the Point Loma (3331 Rosecrans Street, San Diego) store to pick up my (last one, I think)DS Lite+mario thing+Brain Age(got a rain check on that one). Here's Here's what I remember seeing:

2 * Gun
2 * Indigo propechy (but I bought one)
2-3 * Nightmare before xmas
At least 5 * Tak/juju (I wouldn't mind trying the game, but it just seems to belong on the gamecube)
several Jak 3 and Ratchet&Clank:UYA in the bargain bin
And a single Radiata stories (behind some other stuff, dig through the top PS2 rack)

Shopping was mildly unpleasant since the menu music for the King Kong DVD kept playing over and over and over.

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Posted 14 June 2006 - 04:35 AM

There's a San Diego thread in this forum, thanks for the info!

- MarkMan

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Posted 14 June 2006 - 05:10 AM

thanks for this info. i'd like to pick up IP, Jak3 Tak, and R&C, but i fear i won't be able to get there in time. i'll try my best to head out early tomorrow. have a good nite!
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