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Sega Saturn Slim DVD Cover Project [98 Covers and Growing / 56K beware!]

#152 roos   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   2 Posts   Joined 13.5 Years Ago  

Posted 30 November 2006 - 09:53 AM

Okay, in the spirit of posting covers, I would like to show off my premier contribution.

Posted Image

As opposed to sticking with what art was available, I modified existing assets to create the cover that I would envision for Soukyugurentai.

It is different, but I hope some of you might like it! Obviously, I am very open to crits, both positive and negative.

A larger version (very not high-res) is available here.

#157 durkada   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   12 Posts   Joined 13.5 Years Ago  

Posted 30 November 2006 - 07:33 PM

Hopefully this will be my last post for the day.

Included is an updated Grid Runner -- looking better, me thinks, without the transluscent whiteness.

Posted Image

For anyone who wants it -- I saved two layers you can easily import into your own work. These layers consist of the white text in standard font and size, and also of a Sidebar layer consisting only of the lower Sega logo in the appropriate spot. Photoshop format for universal lovin'.


#161 durkada   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   12 Posts   Joined 13.5 Years Ago  

Posted 01 December 2006 - 06:28 AM

There is some site -- I don't have it bookmarked -- which has a huge amount of Saturn ISO images uploaded to the various file sharing web servers of the world.

http://www.saurianun...turn/index.html Has a list of the completed covers on the right. If its not on the list, you can assume it hasn't been completed. That link also has refernces to other resources for Saturn artwork scans. Your mileage will vary from site to site and cover to cover...

#169 SBM   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   1 Posts   Joined 13.5 Years Ago  

Posted 02 December 2006 - 10:40 AM

My first attempt at making a cover.

Posted Image

#178 SaurianOverlord   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   33 Posts   Joined 13.6 Years Ago  


Posted 03 December 2006 - 11:22 AM

OK everyone, like i said, it's not officially replacing this thread just yet, but here it is:


Feel free to sign up and start posting any time! I've tried to put most of the important info up for now. I need to update the list on the main project page, and i've posted links in the forum to a "Scans" page that does not yet exist. I also would like to change some details of the forum interface (some of the buttons and icons and such, mainly). But i need to sleep, so it's not gonna happen tonight...lol.

If anyone has ideas for improvements, or sees something important i missed, send me an e-mail or PM me on either forum.


#179 ashram   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   1294 Posts   Joined 16.6 Years Ago  

Posted 04 December 2006 - 12:44 AM

here are my low res covers, i e-mailed mooky with a link to the high res versions

#180 dyreschlock   import friendly CAGiversary!   339 Posts   Joined 15.0 Years Ago  


Posted 04 December 2006 - 05:04 AM

so are these completed covers actually hosted somewhere, so that anyone can download them?

I love the idea of teh project, but i like keeping my games in their original cases. i have 5 or 6 US saturn games, but since i started living in japan in september, i've bought almost 60 import games. Thanks to the CD case, they actually look quite good on my shelves.. i prefer them to the slim dvd cases.. then they'll complement my ps1 library better.

but whatever... that's my take on the subject.

When i get back to the states in January i'll probably hop on board and scan in all the booklets and cd covers to help out with the project. here are the games i currently own on the saturn: http://theschlock.co...2.html?sat?text