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G-Pak Wii Travel Case Review (now totally 56K friendly)

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Posted 01 December 2006 - 05:14 AM

Please know that you can skip to the bottom for a concise review/wrap-up. But only heathens who hate fun will do this. You'll see the giant "IN CONCLUSION" words at the bottom, and you are no longer invited to my birthday party.

I am OCD to a terrifying level when it comes to keeping my things in order, particularly pieces of game equipment and their requisite accessories. Do you know anyone who routinely orders 75 foot cords of velcro cable wrap, and actually looks forward to it? Well you do now. I regard these occasions as red letter banquets of glee.

It's really kind of sad. Really.

So it should not be surprising that this drips into other aspects of my life which - again - includes game equipment. Where I given the choice, everything would be cradled in lush velvet, with several tiny gremlins to attend to the collective whims of my accessories, as I like to imagine they come alive after I've put them away. Which is ironic for them, as they are tied up in cable wrap, so I imagine their dances are really more like furious wiggles in a gallant struggle for freedom, and the little gremlins just go back to their seven card stud card game.

Now when I must move my things, I like to give them a good home to ride in. We currently lack transportation technology, and I am no Gepetto and this will not subject my things to the bellies of whales, so I searched out a more sensible alternative - the G-Pak Wii Case from Nakiworld.

In the past I owned a G-Pak for the Gamecube system. The big draws for the case were both good - sturdy, durable, as stylish as could be wished for - and oddly innovative in a "you don't really need this, but it's kinda cool" way - namely, the "it has vents, so you can leave it in the case, but STILL play it!" I imagine this would be like playing baseball with a bat that still had stickers on it, proclaiming outlandish things like "is great for killing baby seals!" and "Your mother doesn't love you!"

This case retains those same qualities. BEHOLD ITS MIGHTY BIGNESS.

Posted Image

Awwww, the handle makes it look like a face. He's saying HMMMMMM!!

Here we see it from the outside, sans the packaging it came in, which I hope to use to build a tiny fort for no reason at all. It is straightfoward enough, adorned in black and standing upright (awwww). You can see a front pocket and a handle, as well as really atrociously-colored cartpetting. Huzzah!

Posted Image

This shot from the ground emphasizes the horizontability of the case.

Onto the meat and potatoes -

Posted Image

This is the most innovative thing the case does, and has been championed by several websites. As you can see, the flaps can be lowered (they are velcro) exposing the nougat center. Upon opening the case,

Posted Image

You see that the Wii is strapped in and ready to go. For the sake of this review, I could refer to it as "Your Mom" for the remainder, and even though this is a two bit operation, I gotsta try and deliver something in a halfway not-unprofessional sense.

So we see that it's air vents are clear. It does not have asthma. It does not need an inhaler, and it does not cry for its momma. It lives in here in the case, able to function without issue. The implication is that you do not need to remove it for operation. This is the crux on which the design rests. IGN loved it, but IGN loves all sorts of silly things. I imagine they put ketchup on peanut butter sandwiches and proceed to rate it a 7.3, claiming "last years version felt more fresh. And tangy."

I don't plan on playing the system in this position, simply because it destroys the Nintendo-happy vertical idiom, and also looks like the Wii is flanked by a giant nylon spider. But know that it is possible, and that if you are in a place for a short period of time or are very lazy, know that Naki is thinking of you late at night with various salves at the ready.

Know also that it is quite difficult to get the case in that harness. It is very tight (resist the jokes, Strell) and requires some brute force to fully execute the wrap around securely (oh ye gods). You can do it, but plan to be frustrated slightly by it. This is obviously an over sight in their design, for they are driven by emotions. .... I didn't really just write that.

Posted Image

Here we see it extended from the inside. There is a detachable CD case that covers....another CD case, which I guess is nifty(seen here). Note the mesh pocket at the top for the sensor bar, which as we know now can be replaced by candles, television remotes, and, quite possibly, fruitcake. It has a snug little home and is out of the way.

If we zip the case back up, you can get a better idea of just what you can lusciously cram into it, all the while wondering where safety notices politely asking you to not violate the case are:

Posted Image


Here we see the Wii still in it's cradle, now surrounded by a gaping black maw.

Posted Image

Adequate room for the stand, power and AV cords, a nunchuk, and two Wavebirds (if GC emulation is yo' thang). Note how the games would be nestled up against the Wii, which seems to put them out of harm's way.

Posted Image

I add two more Wavebirds and a Classic Controller. Still some room left.

Posted Image

Almost fully packed, I move the nunchuk into the main accessories compartment, added the four Wavebird receivers, and even put in a tiny GC-sized game case.

I want to note here that you can see two padded ....pads on each side of the accessories area. These are meant to provide ....padding, as well as structure to the case. I.e., if you were playing the Wii straight from here, these could help keep that flap stable. It is worth pointing out that you could remove these and paste them to your buttocks, and thus increase both hindular padding and make the hole bigger to hold even more doodadz.

But what about the Wiimotes?

Posted Image

Aww look at 'em! Now he's saying HURRRRR!!!!!!!!

The front pocket holds 2 'motes without issue. I have tried to measure it as faithfully as I can, and it appears that it would hold four without problem. At the WORST it would hold three, and you could stow another into the main area. The pocket is designed to stretch as needed, and it seems like placing the 'mote in there would keep them from going off repeatedly. You could always remove the batteries and place them elsewhere.

So then, if we accumulate everything it can hold safely, we can easily surmise the following (that is, if you take out those pads):
  • System
  • AV/Power cords
  • Sensor Bar
  • Console stand
  • 4 'Motes
  • 4 'Chuks
  • A VC Controller (can probably even hold 2)
  • 4 Wavebirds + Receivers
  • GC Game Case (holds 12 games)
  • At least 12 DVD sized Wii games
  • Other small accessories, such as Wifi USB Adapter and SD cards
  • Your sense of self pride!
  • Your mom's sense of self pride!

Things it could hold that are extraneous at the moment, but good to think about:
  • External Hard drive, assuming this is implemented in the future
  • A Wireless Router
  • DS System
  • Extension cords for Gamecube controllers
  • Back-up video cords, such as A/V, component, or S-video
  • VGA adapters (for monitor hook-up) or RF Modulators (for really old TeeVeez)

Things it cannot hold:
  • Zebras
  • Leprechauns not of the micro variety
  • Scrooge McDuck's vast Money Bin fortune
  • My Wang, no matter its current state

Please note these lists are not conclusive. If you don't do GC emulation, that frees up a lot of space for Wiimote shells, such as steering wheels and inevitable sports-themed add-ons (assuming they are small enough). If you had a DS and it proves useful to keep it near your system, this could be stowed away. Even an external hard drive could be towed pretty easily.

I'm just trying to give you an idea of how much it can hold with what I have and with what I plan to keep in it. It is a roomy case and can hold all sorts of things. If you take out the pads, you get a good amount of extra space, easily enough for more 'chuks and VC controllers. If you're feeling very cavalier, you could even leave the console stand out, and then you're really runnin' wild, brother.

The absolute bottom line is that the case is built Ford and Tonka tough, and I imagine would win many fights against cases of similar design from other not-Nakiworld manufacturers. It is large and roomy and can easily store enough Wii accessories for the average to nerdcore Wii gamer, and will prove useful and invaluable for those worried about the dreaded Count Dustmito, who comes to break your Wii in the night and burn the thatched roof cottages with his incessant dustining.

I like mine. I wish my two stupid Gamestops could have gotten more than four between them, and managed to get another color besides black, 'cuz I really am down for a blue one.

Out of 10, I give it a 9. Out of 100, I give it a 9, but I put a zero behind it, so really it looks like 90. Out of 5, I give it a 4.5. Look, I could really continue this all day, really.

The only cons I can think of is the blasted color, and that maybe the whole "play it while it is in the case so you can too can practice bad parenting" is a novel, but not wholly awesome, idea.

I guess if black is yo' thang and you share my ideals about the case in general, you can bump the score up to a 9.5.


At $30, you really cannot go wrong, unless you wanted this thing to glow in the dark or float in lava. I mean I guess it does float in lava, and you can put those little glowy star things all over it. There, I just solved your two biggest complaints, whiner.

Just go buy the case and be happy.

Posted Image
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Posted 01 December 2006 - 06:01 AM

Nice! Very entertaining review!


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Posted 01 December 2006 - 06:10 AM

Great reivew. I would get one but I already have the Xbox version and that holds my Wii just fine along with games.

These G-pak bags are worth the cash. They are freaking tanks. And my xbox bag always gets compliments when the see it. Thanks to the fancy Xbox logo on the side of it.

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Posted 02 December 2006 - 07:40 PM

It looks pretty nice. I have a trip coming up next month and I need something to keep my Wii in. So maybe I'll pick it up. 30$ seems like a reasonable price even if I don't use it that much.
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Baron O Hell

Posted 04 April 2009 - 02:52 PM

I think I''ll pick one up. I don't play my wii enough to have it hooked up all the time. Might get one for the ps2 also while I'm at it.

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Posted 18 August 2009 - 09:50 PM

Thanks for the awesome interview, Strell. You totally talked me into buying one. :)

I have one concern about it though. I put all of my games into the cd holders, and it looks like the cd holder is scratching them. Should I be worried about this?