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Richard's Game Development > Murder Mystery Design

Posted 31 December 2013

With all the other projects, chores, and obligations I've had to tackle in the past year, 2013 has been a bit sparse for my game development. I put together some decent Unity scripts, but many of them were made obsolete by the recent version upgrade. Still managed to learn quite a bit from producing them though, so I don't consider it to be a waste.


Blog Richard Kain > New PC Construction

Posted 05 March 2013


I spent the entirety of last weekend assembling my new personal computer. I had been collecting the various components for almost a month. There were several hiccups in this new case's construction, but I finally got everything together. Click on the image above to see the...

Blog Richard Kain > Retro Shopping 09-06-2012

Posted 06 November 2012

Been a while since I've last posted. I've just been a little lazy about documentation. Since my last post, I ran across two very appealing acquisitions.

28724 28726

This hybrid system produced by JVC combines the hardware of a Sega Genesis and a Sega CD into the same device. I've already tested it with some of my Genesis and CD titles and it...

Blog Richard Kain > Shopping 08-21-2012

Posted 21 August 2012

Goodness, it's been two years since my last blog entry. I've been busy with a lot of different things, and just stopped using Cheap Ass Gamer as a record keeping service. Might get back into it.

Later last year, I ran across a used game store here in the valley that I really like. It carries a lot of the really old titles, even as far back as the Atari....

Blog Richard Kain > Weekend Playing - Dead Space

Posted 11 January 2010

I was helping my sister and brother out over the weekend with house-sitting. My sister was out of town on vacation, and had asked my brother to watch her place, and in particular her dog, which was feeling under the weather. But my brother had some work and studying to do over the weekend, so he asked me to help out. So I spent a decent chunk of the weeke...