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Today, 02:28 AM

What were you using before ShadowPlay? Know of any good software that does internal audio + video capture at the same time?


I stumbled on this today: Qubicle. Was used by the Crossy Road devs for their art assets. I'm in love. Super-easy to create voxel models.

I was always trying to configure one open-source screen capture solution or another. None of them ever worked particularly well. I used FRAPS a few times in the past, but it always drastically killed performance. ShadowPlay is easily the best video screen-capture program I've ever used. It captures audio from whatever you're running, and even gives you the option of providing microphone narration while you're recording. It's everything I've needed.

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Yesterday, 01:57 PM

Spirited Away and The Cat Returns blu-ray US releases finally announced. Woot!  :bouncy:


About freaking time! The one Ghibli film I've been waiting for the most is Spirited Away. Still my favourite. I suppose they saved the best for last. I also noticed that Castle of Cagliostro is scheduled for a Blu-Ray release, though I don't think Disney is going to be publishing that one.

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Yesterday, 06:49 AM

For the past two weeks, I've been revisiting a Unity component I had been working on for automatically calculating and rendering aspect ratios, as well as the letterboxing that goes along with them. I'm much more experienced at Unity this time around, and yesterday I finished all of the main features.


Tonight, I figured how to use ShadowPlay to record a quick tutorial video. Why didn't anyone tell me about this ShadowPlay beta thing?! NVidia basically put out a free version of FRAPS that kicks most other video capture software in the testicles! True, you do have to have an NVidia 600+ card to install and run it. But my gaming rig was already rocking dual GTX 660s in SLI, so no problems there. ShadowPlay is basically the video capture software I've always dreamed of, and it comes by default with my 3D card!

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21 March 2015 - 03:36 PM

Did you attend GDC? If so, any tips for a first-timer attending next year?

I did not get to go this year. But I did get to attend on an Expo pass several years ago. Pack light, wear really comfortable shoes, bring a jacket, but also bring a way to store the jacket. (San Fran can get extremely cold with all the wind, but the inside of the conference center can get warm) You might be tempted to pick up a lot of the swag, but don't. A little swag here and there is fine, especially if its something nice, but you'll just be toting a bunch of extra weight around if you try to get everything. Also, the people presenting look down their noses a little at swag hounds. They'll take you a little more seriously if you listen to them, and don't immediately ask about the swag.


Talk to everyone. One of the big positives about an event like this is to establish relationships. Don't be shy, and ask as many questions as you like. Most of the people attending there for business are supposed to be answering questions, and most of them are going to want to talk about what they're presenting anyway. It's not going to be hard to strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. If you go on an Expo pass, you'll be limited on how many panels you can attend, so a lot of your time there will be on the show floor. You should spend a significant amount of that time talking to a bunch of different people.


I'm hoping to be able to attend next year. It all depends on my job situation.

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13 March 2015 - 04:15 PM

I've been hard at work on my lip-sync project every night for the past week. And I've made lots of progress. It's been slow going, but very steady. Every night I learn new tricks. Last night, I even rolled up my sleeves and started in on some of the art I needed to make. So I finally have something visual I can share...




It's a 3D model of a kitty cat that I sculpted! It's a bit of a rough sculpt, I didn't spend all that much time on it. And my 3D modeling skills are very rusty. But I'm going to be using retopology to produce a lower-resolution of it for in-game use anyhow. The sculpt is just to serve as a base, and for some minor normal mapping. The final version is going to be used to animate various phrases.