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Today, 07:57 PM

Sorry I have to nit pick this because it drives me nuts.


Yes, you are nit-picking a little bit. I am aware how FPGAs function, and that the term "simulation" would probably be more accurate than "emulation" where they are concerned. They provide a large number of programmable gates, and you can program them to essentially behave like different integrated circuits. This makes them immensely flexible, which is where their utility in the marketplace comes in.


They are useful for "simulating" older video game systems as they can be programmed to essentially mimic the original hardware flawlessly. So long as the FPGA in question has the necessary number of gates to replicate the functionality of the system you're targeting, you're good to go.


FPGAs prices have been fairly static as of late, as they have not yet been extensively applied. I expect that to change over time, as the need for flexibility starts to outweigh specialized power. But for now they tend to be a bit pricey, which is why we haven't seen them used for a 16-bit video game system clone just yet. Also, 16-bit systems would take more time and effort to map out effectively. The programming for an FPGA is where the vast majority of the work lies.

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Dariusburst CS [PS4], Dariusburst CS LE [PS4], and...

Today, 06:39 PM

When FPGAs get powerful enough?


Perhaps I needed to be more specific. I am aware that they are currently producing FPGAs that have enough power to easily emulate 16-bit, and perhaps even 32-bit systems. It would have been more accurate for me to say that I am waiting for them to be affordable enough. I am not a low-level computer engineer. I have no intention of building one of these things for myself. I would have to wait until someone else turns something like this into a commercial product. (as has been happening lately)


But in order for someone to turn something like this into a commercial product, the technology has to be cheap enough to make the final product feasible in the current market. And that's still going to take a little time. Thankfully, time is the only element that is necessary. Tech constantly decreases in cost. The higher-end FPGAs of today will be available for peanuts in a year or two.

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Today, 01:09 AM

The Sega CD had quite a few great games. The biggest problem was that most of its best games were also some of the least advertised. Not many people knew of the better games on the system. Most people simply knew the Sega CD as the home for all those early FMV games... like Night Trap. And that's not what you want to be remembered for.


The best version of Eternal Champions is supposed to be on the Sega CD. Several Sega CD ports got noticeably improved music support thanks to the CD format. The Sega CD version of Ecco the Dolphin is supposed to have a fantastic soundtrack.


Thankfully for video game nuts who like retro games, the Sega CD has very good emulation support. While hunting down games for it can be a bit of a hassle, getting games for it to run is easy if you have any sort of modern computer. I've run Sega CD games successfully off of a Raspberry Pi. The Sega CD also had no real copy protection, so copying Sega CD games is rather easy.


I'm hopeful that when FPGA development gets powerful enough, someone will design a legacy system with an optional disc drive. Then we can get some proper physical Sega CD support. (as well as Genesis, TurboGrfx, SNES, etc...)

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Yesterday, 11:44 PM

Are these games really good or just really limited so that's why people want them?


It's a case-by-case basis sort of thing. Some of the LRG releases are legit good games. Some are a bit more so-so. The recently announced Night Trap is notorious for being hot garbage. It's going to be a popular release, but more for its notoriety than the quality of the actual title.


One of the recent releases, Flinthook, was a bit of a question mark, as the game itself hadn't been released in full at that point. But it has since come out on digital platforms, and has been garnering quite a few positive reviews. I was very glad that I ordered a copy of that one, as it was a little bit of a risk. Most of the other LRG releases are of games that have already been out for quite some time on digital platforms, so you should be able to get an idea as to how good they are ahead of time. Look up their review scores on Steam if you want an idea.

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Yesterday, 09:25 PM

Also, it's worth noting that essentially no one does exclusive releases on LRG. Some of their physical releases are exclusive by default, but all of these games are available digitally, usually from numerous different sources. (and on multiple platforms) So there will be a PSN, XBox Live, Steam version of Night Trap that you can get if you miss out on the LRG release.