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Blog chewy35 > The kids are going to be alright! 1UP FM reborn as Rebel FM

Posted 14 January 2009

I'm about halfway through the first episode and it sounds pretty good so far. I remember listening to EGM Live and thinking it was WEAK! When it switched over to Nick and Phil, it became very refreshing. I think the best part of it was all the differenty types of guests from the industry they had. I just hope the Retronauts crew continue that same typ...

Blog chewy35 > 1UP bought by Hearst and then, surprise! A dick move.

Posted 07 January 2009

Wow! That was pretty damn quick. I had a feeling that the purchase of the 1UP network by Hearst would lead to the letting go of some staff, but holy shit! I really didn't visit the website for news, I usually visited blogs like Kotaku and Joystiq. What I did like were some of their podcasts. I will definitely miss 1UPFM, Retronauts and maybe it looks...

Blog chewy35 > My videogame marriage!

Posted 19 September 2008

So, in about ten hours I'll be signing my life over to this lady that I'm living with. I'm just kidding, I love her to death. We've been together six years now and have two kids, so it's about time we got hitched. My brother told me to "stay away from the light", but he can't say anything since he's been in the "light" for ten years. Of the last six y...

Blog chewy35 > Back to school+2 kids+getting married=no time for games?

Posted 11 September 2008

A year ago I decided to go back to school and get my BA in Liberal Studies. I figured it would take a little time since I was working full time. While I was finishing up a couple of classes at the community college and getting ready to transfer to SDSU, I got laid off from my job. My future wife told me that I should just concentrate on school and not...

Blog chewy35 > Civilization:Revolution DS-Now I have to spend an extra $60 on the 360 version?

Posted 17 July 2008

I had read and heard that both versions of this game were good, but wow! I really, really got into it. I was ignoring my wife into it, which is a plus. Now I'm interested in the 360 version. I still haven't had a chance to check out if there's a demo or anything. Now that I think about it, I might have to drop more cash because I might need a second...