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Blog banodyne > X-Men Videogame Origins: The Best Wolverine Games of All Time

Posted 01 May 2009

Shameless bit of self promotion. I wrote up an article for Games Abyss.

X-Men Videogame Origins: The Best Wolverine Games of All Time


I'd appreciate if you checked it out and comment if you agree or disagree.

Bonus: a listing of every game Wolverine's been in up until now.

Blog banodyne > WTF 'Mutant Chronicles' Movie

Posted 31 March 2009

http://images.apple....00902231651.jpg Don't know if anyone noticed a movie spotlighted in the video marketplace titled 'Mutant Chronicles'. It's based on a pen-and-paper RPG game. A pretty popular one in those circles since the post-apocolyptic world has been adapted to book, comics, videogames, etc. Now it be...

Blog banodyne > Xbox Halo Joke on 'House'

Posted 24 March 2009

Nothing major but I always get a smile when games get mentioned in TV/movies, especially when they're used correctly.


Blog banodyne > Dorking Up Soul Calibur 4

Posted 07 March 2009

My local library is pretty cool offering games for rental. Borrowed Soul Calibur 4, the latest version of my favorite fighting game. Go into the character creation mode... and make Buffy and Thor fighters. I'm so nerdy I think I need an intervention.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Blog banodyne > Sam & Max Come To Xbox LIVE Arcade

Posted 26 February 2009

Telltale Games has finally decided to make their Sam & Max episodic games available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade. This is honestly a perfect fit. While seasons one and two were released on PC and Nintendo Wii, a lot of people don't play games on their PC (or they have a Mac or Linux box) and the Wii, while perfectly suited to these games, lacks hard d...