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-== > Legend of Kage 2 Review

Posted 27 September 2011

Yo, real talk:

Legend of Kage 2 is the worst 2D ninja game since Shinobi Legions.

I mean, sure, there's no treesnakes or trainbullets or FMV.

But its got something stank as hellllllll goin on up in there.

The game plays like a PC Engine game, which is to say that it sucks. Your dude doesn't even have a combo to start out with - you just have a single...

-== > Xbox 360 disc based exclusives have been weak in 2011 (compared to other years IMO)

Posted 28 April 2011

I really like the Playstation, but I definitely don't like the Xbox because I'm a fan boy. But like, all the 360 exclusives this year suck so far. Like Crysis 2. Crappy shooting mechanics, gay stealth, and overall bad. I'd much rather play mod nation racers, plus I have all my friends on PSN and I can play Singstar on it too. That's all I need! Plus...

-== > Do not leave comment on blog!!!

Posted 26 April 2011

Please dont comment in this blog because for im trying to prove a poitn.

-== > Why am I tired? (NOT A JOKE BLOG)

Posted 26 April 2011

I'm tired. Today I woke up and goed to Mcdonalds and bought 5 checken selects and small fries. I ate em all up and then i went back home and sat around until now and i twas 7 hours since i did that. Yeesterday I woike up and went to Bruger King and got 8 chicken tenders and a medium fries and I ate them and went home and sat on the couch. The day befo...

-== > PSN IS BACK UP - Quit your bitchin'

Posted 24 April 2011

It's finally back online.