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Xrazor|JoelF15 -------The Blog > The Truth about the Call of Duty Series!

Posted 15 September 2009

Ok, so there is alot of heated discussion about which game is better. Most say Call of Duty World at War is all about sub-machine guns, and is extremeley unbalanced. This is true. They say that Infinity Ward made a better game then Treyarch, this is somewhat true. They key is that they made a more balanced game than Treyarch, but in the end Treyarch was...

Xrazor|JoelF15 -------The Blog > Dell Inspiron 15

Posted 13 September 2009

Recently I bought a Dell Laptop, and I must say that I am amazed. I did not know that it would be widescreen, but that was a nice surprise. Since I ordered it directly from dell I got Windows Vista Home Basic, I didn't think I needed anything above Basic but unfortuantley I learned later that you can only upgrade to Windows 7 for free if you have a better...

Xrazor|JoelF15 -------The Blog > Broken Bones

Posted 30 August 2009

So I've dislocated a knee and broken an ankle, and friends have fractured bones and all of that nonsense. I think that its mostly the shock that makes someone groan. I've seen someone break thier femur and they were just SCREAMING, I know the femur is the strongest bone in the body, I didnt sream when i broke my ankle I groaned a hell of a lot, dislocatin...

Xrazor|JoelF15 -------The Blog > Gamesharing = OH EM GEE!

Posted 30 June 2009

So latley alot of DLC has been coming out, and I really like extending my investments. Unfortunatley you can't buy all of the DLC, so sometimes you just let it be, but other times someone see's you without the pack and randomly offers to give it to you.


At first I was torn between either Big Surf Island or World at War map...

Xrazor|JoelF15 -------The Blog > Best Pants EVER!

Posted 19 November 2008

As soon as ManaKnight made his blog post I had to go on a search for pants that had the playstation brand name on them. I also noticed while at Kohls that the playstation pants were the only ones official certified and the 360/Wii pants were made by a 3rd party fabric company.



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