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The Beard Papa Story > ugh~! yeay I think this is gonna be another one of those funky ones

Posted 05 December 2011

If I was you, and you were me, you'd wanna be winning. That's the subject of this blog becoz last weekend I went to Las Vegas!! LAS VEGAS!!! and boy was it one depressing trip lol. I went becoz my mom wanted to get out of the house and it being the long Thanksgiving weekend I had the time to take her somewhere nice. Although there's nothing real nice abou...

The Beard Papa Story > ic she wear dem jeans that show butt crack my grl cant wear dat iss where my stash at

Posted 17 October 2011

aye WHADDUP!! anybody here playing GAMES?!?! where my gamers at?!?! say HOOOOOOOO~~~!!!

for realz tho, this year I aint play as many games as last year, but the good part is all the games I played thus far have been good!! No Limbo and Alan Wake for me this year!! Last time I played a game that was truly terrible, I was able to stop and sell it before ac...

The Beard Papa Story > let's get it poppin mah $$$a. load the tek up n go shoppin mah $$$a

Posted 02 October 2011

yo whatup?!?!?! has anybody here ever french kissed with a burrito?!?!

I'm talking literally tongue to tongue made out with meat beans rice veggies and salsa wrapped in a warm tortilla???

becoz I have!! I be talkin about dat LENGUA burrito!!


Lengua is seriously the most delicious meat ever!! It's beef tongue! It's so tend...

The Beard Papa Story > Po! Po! Po! Po! Popo Zao! POPOZAO~!!

Posted 18 July 2011

got dang mother freakin Cici's Pizza Buffet~!!! it's a place!! A place that actually exists on this earth!! I'm not lying! I see the place with my own eyes and think to myself "is this real life?" and it IS real life!! Why?!?! what is this place?? why does it exist?!?! I do not know, but it definitely ranks up there right next to Girls Generation as just...

The Beard Papa Story > there are times, when u neeeeeed someone. I will be by your side~~

Posted 19 June 2011

ayo! it's time to reminisce about days long past! let me take yallz back! Back to a time long ago, to the year 2007. It was June, I finished college a year prior, and was working my first decent paying job. I took all my crap and moved into a new studio apartment so I could be closer to my work. I needed a certain degree of comfortable furnishings and sin...