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20 September 2018 - 05:54 AM

yay! congrats to me! I finally accomplished one of my long running gaming goals!!


started Xenoblade X up again late august... finally beat it last night!!


or rather I should say, finished the final story chapter... there's still a ton of post game >_<


and I'm gonna do some of it; the game is definitely a fun one,


but it's also a mess... way too many systems in place, apparently there's a level cap and the only way to beat a lot of the harder enemies is to play the metagame, which after 100 hours I still don't understand >_<


but more than that, the thing I hate about this game is grinding. It's a modern game that does still require grinding.


either grinding for EXP cuz you keep dying and there's literally no strategy you can do to win other than going up 5 levels,


grinding for affinity because a lot of side missions are locked behind character affinity requirements,


or grinding for money becoz Skells are expensive and once you buy one you still need to buy weapons, except you cant coz you spent all your money on the skell to begin with!!


regardless, I think I only have one post game mission I can take on right now without grinding, so I think I'll just do that one and call it a game.


but yay! glad to finally get this one done! now I still need to play Tokyo Mirage Sessions while my Wii U is still out lol. 

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

05 March 2018 - 03:52 AM

oh man, did anyone see this humble bundle? There's only like 36 hrs left tho so act quick, but man $15 for all the Shadowruns, Torment Numanuma, and Wastelasnd 2! heck of a deal, and for that price it's worth having them in my backlog to never play lol :(




The multiplayer for Final Fantasy XV is kinda grindy and poorly implemented like many other Japanese games. By that I mean you're going to be repeating a bunch of the same missions and in order to 'form' a party with friends to go out, you have to create a lobby and have them search for the lobby which will auto-close in 60 seconds of creation and comes with its own issues. After you 'beat' the mission, you're forced back into the single player bit where the shops are and have to go about re-creating the lobby again. It's really awful and I have no idea why the hell so many Japanese games haven't learned how to properly create persistent lobbies/parties in multiplayer games.

oh man I've been gone so long I never got to talk about this.


but yah, FFXV multiplayer was sooooo terrible lol. I can't believe ppl have to pay for that. I spent like 2 hours total on it, and I kind of get it? Like it's very carrot on stick style gameplay with constant incentive to unlock more of the map, but not very fun. Worst part is nobody plays so you always get partnered up with AI, but the daily challenges are mandatory multiplayer, which means they're literally impossible to place since nobody else is playing the game >_<


meanwhile for the last month I've put 90 hours into Monster Hunter World... backlog be damned once again!! This game is too addicting and has carrot on a stick done correctly just by virtue of the fact that it's real fun. And dang, 90 hours is more time than I've put into FFXV altogether too! But after all that time, I think I'm actually done with the game other than occasional multiplayer sessions. Like, I've beaten everything there is to unless I want to start learning even more weapons.



and I saw this on twitter too. More backlog be damned, but Bloodborne actually is a game I want to play so I may consider popping it in this month. Also may play some Nier Automart alongside R.Kasahara.


I'm never gonna finish Yakuza 0 and Xenoblade X at this rate :( lol, nor will I ever start any of my Ys games backlog

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

19 January 2018 - 05:08 AM

whooo~!! episode Ignis done! all 3 endings, and it was as meh as all the other eps lol.


I can't beat the bonus Noctis fight tho... it's impossible. Even watching vids on youtube about how other ppl do it, it's still a dumb fight that shows how truly dumb the battle system for this game is. 


there's a multiplayer online mode to this game too... free with season pass but it apparently costs $20 standalone O_o


currently downloading it and will give it a shot this weekend just for kicks. After that, I think I'm done with FFXV.


it'll feel pretty good to delete all 80+ gigas of that game off my PS4 lol.


I aint about that Royal Edition tho... not sure what the point of it is... same game except now you got a truck and a boat.


and some new bosses and dungeons, as if I've actually beaten all the extra bosses and dungeons in the regular game O_o

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

14 January 2018 - 08:10 PM

awww maan did anyone go to Magfest last weekend! it's so good! That convention is like video games's happy place, as long as you're not spending hours sitting there waiting for your turn in a tournament lol.


been watching AGDQ all week so havent been able to play games, but finally was able to get back into FFXV to play Episode Ignis.


except I couldnt coz the game needed to be updated and my PS4 doesnt have enough space to update it -_-...


there was an Assassin's Creed DLC tho so I played through that instead and lol... it was not very fun, but it was also very silly for all the stupid reasons that I do love FFXV.

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

02 January 2018 - 04:45 AM

happy Xenoblade 2sday!!


even tho it aint tuesday!


and even tho Xeno 2 has been out for a while!!


and even tho it's actually new years day!


I dont care, becoz I gotta tell yallz about how I'm so hype for a game that I wont even play until probably 2019, but at least I can spend my year looking at the shiny collector's edition box I got up on my shelf!


I did however 100% mario odyssey last week tho, so my Switch is now unhooked from my TV and my WiiU is back, so hoping I can get back to XCX soon... maybe this month too, but I'm always juggling multiple games now it seems :P


I've totally overlooked the release of Episode Ignis btw, so probably gonna do some FFXV soon.


also want to move Nier Automatic up to the top of the backlog becoz GOTY discussions are reaully pushing it up to the priority spots!


after that, not sure if I have any other RPG goals for the new year, but Ys VIII for sure and hopefully I can also dive into Trails SC.