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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Today, 02:40 AM

Wait... what?  I had no idea that even came out on 360.

 That's how much support Valve gave to the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 11:41 PM

Thanks for correcting us Guardian_Owl, aka the man with the awesome avatar pic.


edit:  Any advice on Project Cars, Frisky?  I mean in response to what I said above.  I would love some advice sir.

Haven't played it that much, as I think I beat the Karting career. It doesn't explain the multi-discipline aspect of the career and how to move to something new, so I need to read up on what I'm supposed to do to get to racing actual cars. It seems to be a good game.


Want to make my first purchase for my PS4? Already own a pair of XboxOne's so looking for PS exclusives, any suggestions? The J-stars fighting game looks promising, any input would be greatly appreciated.

As far as console exclusives:

  • Axiom Verge - Super Metroid-inspired game that takes a very different approach to the weapons and tools to change up how you get through the world and take down enemies.
  • Citizens of Earth - Earthbound clone where you're recruiting a number of people to your party with a number of nice quality of life features that makes it more flexible than Earthbound ever was.
  • CounterSpy - Great 2.5D sidescrolling shooter/stealth game with some Metroid-style level design that plays well and is a lot of fun to replay.
  • Escape Plan - Fun 2D adventure/puzzle game about leading two characters through a variety of puzzle rooms.
  • Galak-Z - Great top-down shooter roguelite that is tough to get through, but fair about its mechanics and is all about the strategy of the combat encounters you partake in or avoid.
  • Grim Fandango Remastered - Classic adventure game that got a second life with this remaster.
  • Grow Home - Fun 3D platformer/climbing game about helping BUD collect the seed from this gigantic plant when it reaches full growth.
  • Hotline Miami/Hotline Miami 2 - Great 2D top-down dual-stick shooters that are tough as hell, but stringing kills together for the perfect run leaves you with a great sense of satisfaction that few games match.
  • Journey - Amazing exploration game about companionship and the journey of life. Don't bother if you're not into artsy games.
  • Magicka 2 - Great co-op game of chaos as you queue up many types of spells through its complex input system.
  • N++ - Sequel to the great XBLA game N+, which is more refined and includes a ton of levels (over 2,000 at the moment).
  • Nom Nom Galaxy - Terraria meets a Tycoon game as you set-up production lines to make various types of soups to send back to the company in the hopes of beating out the competition on each world.
  • OlliOlli/OlliOlli 2 - 2D skateboarding game featuring a Skate-style control scheme with a Tony Hawk-style level/goal structure.
  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate - Great 2D puzzle shooter where you attempt to control dynamic fluids to solve puzzles and/or kill enemies.
  • Race the Sun - Fun endless runner-type game about piloting a ship across a planet's surface that must stay in the sun avoid obstacles to make it as far as possible.
  • Resogun - The devs took the Defender idea and ran with it to make a fantastic arcade experience that has had some great post-launch support to revamp the game with new challenge modes, customizable ships, and more. It also has a great season pass that adds several more modes to the game.
  • Road Not Taken - Turn-based puzzle roguelike about combing objects and enemies to solve puzzles and free as many kids as possible that are lost in the woods each year.
  • Rocket League - Soccer using RC cars that works incredibly well and is one of the best post-launch-supported games around with free arenas, modes, and customization items every other month along with paid packs of new cars and customization items.
  • Sound Shapes - Great rhythm platformer from the creator of Everyday Shooter that has a ton of style and good music to enjoy.
  • Super Stardust Ultra - Great remake of last-gen's best dual-stick shooter with some new modes.
  • Surgeon Simulator - Dumb fun game about performing surgery with controls that make you feel like you're working with arms that are completely numb.
  • Transistor - Fantastic action/strategy RPG from the developers of Bastion that has a lot of customization of your potential attack options.
  • The Unfinished Swan - Enjoyable adventure game about a boy chasing after a swan that escaped his mother's painting as you explore these various levels in a variety of ways.

Only Axiom Verge, N++, and Rocket League are on sale at the moment, but if you're intrigued by the descriptions, keep an eye out for sales whenever they happen.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 07:37 PM

I don't understand why digital games cost more than physical games. Rare Replay is $5 less for the physical copy at MS own store. Err.

Because publishers want to sell as many copies of the game during Black Friday as they can to maximize what profit margin they can be had with each game, while they don't need to do that with the digital versions because they still profit from what sales they do get. Either way, they win and you lose.


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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 07:08 PM

Mass Effect 2 is EA though.

I guess. It still holds true that they stopped allowing their games on the service and have recently changed their mind.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 07:04 PM

jesus h


cut out the  Fuck retailers like Apple did with iTunes. Am I supposed to feel sorry that their business relies on doing things in such an archaic way? Retailers adjusted their business with the fall of CD sales. They can do it again with games.

Apple didn't cut out the retailers. They created new markets where they can sell tons of crappy accessories and such for overly expensive prices. Retailers deal with iTunes for high margin pieces of plastic and wires.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 05:45 PM

This was all so much easier when we just got $10 credit for buying a PS4.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 01:23 PM

Can someone explain how gamesharing on the ps4 differs from gamesharing on the ps3? Just got my ps4 so I'm new to all the features.
Loving it so far, but the game sharing part is confusing.

It's the same as Xbox 360/One, where there's a Primary PS4 attached to your account and a Non-Primary PS4 that has to be online on PSN to access your games. The Primary system can play the game with any account of the device that is the one you have attached to your friend's PS4 and your own system is the one that has to stay online. You'd be better off exploring the finer details in the Gamesharing thread in the PS4/PS3 forum since they're more versed in it than most people in here.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 06:13 AM

Can i use the 10% twice? Is there another code?

You get one shot. Don't mess it up.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 02:24 AM

That Wolfenstein price is so good I'm actually suspicious it's a pricing error.

It's basically the same price on PSN much like the ESO price, so it's correct.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 01:40 AM

Thank you for all of this it was quite informative.


I actually fully agree with your sentiments on Afro Samurai 2. They should have given a choice if we people wanted to keep the game or not, but I respect the fact they were open and forward with the public about what they were doing and why.


You hit exactly why I brought up WarZ on the head, due to it's controversy, removal, and relation to Big Rigs.


The later things you mentioned about Apple/Google is why I feel we as consumers need some sort of buyers protection on all digital purchases. I've heard similar stories about Square-Enix produced tablet games like Dragon's Quest and Final Fantasy.


See, these are the conversations and tidbits of knowledge I love reading and learning about.

Yeah, the mobile space is the scariest area for the "ownership" concerns of some people because the public at large just considers mobile gaming popcorn entertainment where they are fine with just throwing away the games they pay for because they're either free or just a few bucks and are letting Apple, Google, and developers do whatever they want with little to no push back. I want to say the very early days of iOS gaming were such that if you deleted the game, you had to buy the game again to be able to replay it, though I could be thinking of music on iTunes.


That people want Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to copy the mobile space's yearly upgraded model structure is what worries me about the future of consoles.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on Yesterday, 12:53 AM

Rare Replay is $0.50 cheaper than the code at MicrosoftStore.com. Take that, retail. Digital for life.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on 26 November 2015 - 11:36 PM

Did anyone play Godzilla? Total bomb and should be avoided or for less then $10 should be given a chance?


I got my eye on Axiom Verge

The Order 1886 

Toy Soldiers

Minecraft Story Mode Season Pass 

Hatoful Boyfriend (for shits and giggles)


I didn't even know Risen 3 came out  :-k

Giant Bomb's Quick Look makes Godzilla look like a slow, tedious action game:


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Posted by FriskyTanuki on 26 November 2015 - 11:13 PM

Ah, I apologize.
I was assuming they were all a standard size.



As I said previously, I was using them as referential examples since they were the first things I could think of on Sony/PS4 but I was referring to all digital distribution on a whole.
This includes movies, music, and video games.


Such as I pointed out, there have been many services that have gone down over the years leaving people SOL.

Where in contrast, Target closed down their service but transferred all their accounts to CinemaNow so that people would still have access to purchased content.


As for Arkham, didn't they have to refund people again since it is still Broken?

Also, yea.. I know about Big Rigs and WarZ (Infection?)


In the case of Afro Samurai, I was looking at it from an Information Assurance/Network Administration professional. To me it looks like unauthorized access and removal of data from a private system. However it could easily been pointed out that such transactions may have been authorized in the EULA and the removal from system is a revocation of rights to the software.


I do fully appreciate how cordially they went about it, and made sure everyone did get refund for the game.

Do you want to discuss hypothetical examples of the slippery slope stuff you're worried about or the actual examples we have right in front of us? I'm not interested in the former, but I'll happily discuss the latter.


I did mention that WB has basically decided to forgo fixing whatever other issues are left in Batman: Arkham Knight and let the players decide whether they wanted to deal with the issues and keep the game or get their money back.


The WarZ is such a crazy thing. The devs released the game that was pulled because they lied about what was in the game along with it being such a bad and blatant clone of DayZ that they ended up having it pulled and came back under a new name to dodge the bad reviews, which I see Metacritic made sure got tied to the game's new name. The Wiki says it still managed to sell 2.8 million anyway, so the developers got rich off of it anyway. It also mentions that the executive producer for that game was also the lead on Big Rigs, which is amazing.


I know Alex Navarro (Giant Bomb) has said before that he had an appointment at E3 or some other show to see a game from the same team that made Big Rigs, which he has no ill will towards after his legendary review went live. They didn't know that he was specifically part of that appointment and when they realized that fact, they immediately cancelled the appointment to dodge him like they were legitimately afraid of him. That says a lot about their mentality about the press that are just doing their jobs when reviewing games.


As for Afro Samurai 2, I don't really agree with that at all. They're essentially forcing all of the buyers to accept a refund/return of the game whether they want to do that or not, which I'd imagine most would rather have the money back than nothing at all if they were to just skip town with the thousands of dollars they probably got in sales ($45 x 1200 to 1800 sales). At the end of the day, it's a zero sum solution where both sides get out with minimal losses besides the publisher and developers' negative reputation that comes with it.



Sony is the one with the kill switch. I believe this is the same as PT where as long as you have it downloaded you can play and get the trophies. However this is really the first time I've every seen this in a post throphy psn. What is the procedure Sony is to follow? Do they owe it to us to tell us when a publisher pulls out? Can they really pull a kill switch?

I remember when people found out about the kill switch in android and iOS, there was outrage. Both companies said it should never be used unless they screw up so bad at vetting their app stores.

This is relatively new territory we haven't had many examples of, I am quiet curious how things will play out.

Every platform has a kill switch for games in the worst states or legal issues that might arise and need some sort of delisting depending on the situation at hand, but they've been around for as long as digital marketplaces have been around.


I remember downloading the Japanese RE5 demo off of Xbox Live with a legit Japanese XBL account, but Microsoft did not like that smart people got around their region/account locking plans and remotely disable the demo from working for non-Japanese IPs a few days later. At the end of the day, it was still a demo and marketing tool that did not need such drastic measures because it only added to the fervor that surrounded that game after the huge success of RE4.


The scarier thing is with iOS and Android, where not only can Apple and Google remotely disable games, but developers have the same ability through the updates. I had an iPod Touch about four years ago with quite a few games that I purchased, but I refused to upgrade to newer devices after future update support for my Touch was killed off after the big folder/Game Center update where Apple deemed my Touch unfit to handle custom wallpaper but folders and achievements were doable. Moving on, I had two games specifically (W.E.L.D.E.R. and a Diner Dash game) that I purchased and owned that received updates that disabled my ability to play them.


W.E.L.D.E.R. was a case that the developers updated it to take advantage of newer hardware that my Touch couldn't handle and nowhere in the update notes was there a warning about that, so it crashed every single time I started it up. I couldn't revert to an older file to get back a playable version of the game, as Apple couldn't care less to allow stragglers like me to continue not buying the new hardware. I asked the developers on Twitter about this issue and they had no help to offer for me.


The Diner Dash game received a new update that changed it from a functioning game to a simple screen that basically said "Go buy our newest Diner Dash game!" and that was it for that game. With mobile gaming being in the Wild West stage at that point where there were so many avenues for developers to try to make money that anything was possible and usually, somebody has tried it by now. These two examples are why I don't spend my money on mobile games anymore and as an Android user, I use the free credit from the Google Opinion Survey app to buy anything that interests me, which is still few and far between when I don't play the games much to be worth it.

#13061290 PSN Weekly Deals - 11/25: Co-op Sale + More (100+ Games)! $12 Rocket...

Posted by FriskyTanuki on 26 November 2015 - 10:26 PM

Anybody know if there's any conflicts using the $15 off code (from buying $100 earlier this month) and the 10% off code currently running for everyone on the same order?

The $15 from the promotion is just store credit like any of the pre-paid cards. You can just spend it like any other credit you have on the PS Store, but it will expire in the next few weeks if you don't redeem it soon. The 10% Off code is an actual discount code, so it works like a discount code.

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Posted by FriskyTanuki on 26 November 2015 - 09:48 PM

No additional PS+ discount with this, right?

Flash Sales don't have PS+ discounts. The deals are for everyone.