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Blog SnotRocket > Titanfall 2 - Vanguard Collector's Edition Helmet Unboxing

Posted 05 November 2016

I did an unboxing of the MASSIVE Titanfall 2 Collectors edition that comes with the helmet. It's pretty rad and it's a huge box that it comes in. The helmet fits good and feels nice. Check out the video for more info and some still photos of what it looks like.  

Blog SnotRocket > PAX East 2011

Posted 15 March 2011


So I figured many CAGs may have been at PAX this past weekend so I figured let me check all the wonderful blogs and see how everyone enjoyed themselves during the weekend as I was way to busy to check it during the event. I come to find NO ONE posted a single blog?!?! WoW people did no one go?
It was an amazing time! Lots of free crap from shir...

Blog SnotRocket > Child's Play Event!!

Posted 19 February 2011

Come on and check us out as we host a 24 hour video game marathon to raise funds for Child's Play. www.forthekidsmarathon.com The gaming action is already underway and our Iron Man competition is set to start soon. Throughout our live broadcast we will have contestants competing in both single and team Iron Man events. While I can't give details of what...

Blog SnotRocket > For the Kids! 30 hr gaming marathon benefiting Child's Play!

Posted 17 July 2010

Hey everyone we have gone live with our 30 hr video game marathon with all proceeds raised benefiting Child's Play. You can watch us live through 2 a.m. EST Sunday on Ustream http://www.ustream.t...gaming-marathon

This isn't your typical gaming marathon where you as the viewer are stuck watching everyone else have all the fun. In our...

Blog SnotRocket > Castle Crashers in the works

Posted 18 May 2009


We recently started our castle crashers costumes. We're not able to come anywhere near the level of skill that was first displayed when the game came out by that insanely good blue knight costume, but we're doing our best.
The animals are complete! They look amazing! I was really surprised how well they came out and all done freehand to bo...