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iPhone or Google phone? the 2010 edition

28 July 2010 - 02:27 PM

Last time this was asked the thread was named "iPhone or DROID?"

Well, I went with the iPhone and yes it kinda sucks to be locked into the Apple App store but at the same time it's so easy to use that it kinda negates the lack of freedom with the ease-of-use argument.

Yesterday, jailbreaking became officially legal in the USA and there's nothing Apple can do to mess up your iPhone without facing legal repercussions. That's right, if they brick it now they have to fix it for free, no more of their "we won't fix jailbroken phones it's your fault it got bricked" bullshit.

But still I'm curious why anyone would still prefer a Google phone because the whole argument for them is kinda predicated on it being "more open", which is no longer the case since the iPhone App store is no longer the only supermarket where we can shop for Apps. What now bitches?

BestBuy Pre-order FAIL on StarCraft II

28 July 2010 - 02:01 PM

Did the whole pre-order thing in May 2009 for access to the beta, which took friggin FOREVER to get to me, but still it was worth it to see how it looked a little early. Also, the $20 reward zone certificate was about to expire, so I figured why not.

Well, come yesterday I figured on checking BestBuy's website to see how things are moving along and when I can expect the game delivered and suprise surprise, my order number comes up with nothing on their website.

Called them to see WTF, and the phone rep says that due to a pricing mistake on their website on July 4 (it was briefly listed for $5 if anyone recalls that), BestBuy cancelled ALL existing pre-orders -- at least 10,000 according to the phone rep. She probably should not have told me that, but I was very calm about the whole thing so she might have overshared. She also sent my reward zone certificate back to my account, which was cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's something on the order of a HALF MILLION DOLLARS IN REVENUE that BestBuy flushed down the toilet, because some winner on their website team messed up and forgot to hit the zero button one extra time.

Again, normally I don't give money to Gamestop but after this episode I walked over there and handed them my cash for a non-pre-ordered copy which they happily sold me while giving a tiny bit of lip service to the whole "I really shouldn't be doing this since you didn't pre-order and I will get in trouble if it's not restocked in time" bit. lawlz

Valve FAILS at L4D2 pre-order demo release

27 October 2009 - 10:54 PM

The only reason most of the L4D junkies I know agreed to pre-order the game was because of the demo releasing today. Now after waiting weeks for it, Valve pushed it back to tomorrow at 2AM!!! Massive FAIL! You should see how the forums at steampowered.com are lighting up like a Christmas tree. Last time I will pre-order a Valve game for sure.

Password stealing on Steam

17 October 2009 - 01:56 AM

A group of idiots is now stealing Steam username and passwords from users by sending this message to everyone on a hacked account's friends list:

Hacked_Loser: Hey! Left 4 Dead 2 Open Beta is finally here! Check it out! www.steamc********sn.com/l4d2.html

It forwards you to a page that claims the Beta for Left 4 Dead 2 is open with free access to all nVidia card owners, and "all you need to do is log into steam using this portal".

If your account gets hacked, note that Steam will do Fuck-all to help you since they really don't care, so please be careful.