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20 October 2022 - 02:51 PM

Anybody else had trouble redeeming Argentina codes lately?  I got one today, used the same VPN I've used in the past (PIA) and it was giving me the Different Region error.  I used a VPN that did NOT work for me in the past (TunnelBear) and this time it worked.

Maybe I didn't notice this before, but on the redeem code page it now puts your email and region:


"It'll be added to rippn@xxxxxxx.xxx (United States)"


I wonder if Microsoft is looking to curb out of region code sharing.  I'm certainly seeing more issues redeeming these codes as of late, even though trying several times still gets it to go through.

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20 October 2022 - 02:40 PM

Playing A Plague Tale Requiem and so far it is pretty good. They haven't really improved much on the game mechanics from the last game from what I played so far though. It also took a few minutes for my eyes to get adjusted to the lower framerate.

I'm playing it as well. I loved the first game, but there is something tonally off with this one. Amicia is over the top angry, and it is making her character hard to like in this one, where in the first game she was adored. Also, it seems they stripped out the finding of relics and dumbed down the upgrades, or at least it seems that way so far as I just finished chapter 3. And the level design seems less thought out, which leads to frustrating things like getting stuck or going the wrong way.


I had super high expectations, but as you can tell, I've been let down. It is still a good game, but it is not what I had hoped it would be.

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06 September 2022 - 10:13 AM

Currently going through A Plague Tale: Innocence before it leaves Game Pass and the second Game is coming out. Currently in Chapter 6, really fun game so far.

If I can I'll try to squeeze in The Artful Escape and Lost Words before they leave as well.

I just 100% both Artful Escape and Lost Words.  Loved both games and would suggest nobody miss either of these, especially Lost Words.  What a unique platformer with incredible story telling.


I'm going through Plague Tale now, and wow is this game good.  Can't believe I slept on this one.  Can't wait for the sequel.


I think I'm going to wait to get Bug Fables on a sale.  Says it's a 50-hour game, don't think I can clear that before the 15th.

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31 August 2022 - 06:42 PM

Portal 2, i already own the game, i see the last two 360 games are nothing special.

Portal 2 was a GOTY and probably one of the best games of that generation, that's pretty special imo even though I already own it.

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28 August 2022 - 08:33 AM

A lot of people are trashing Saints Row but I think it’s the best PS2 game I’ve played in 10 years .

Funny you say that, when I was playing it, I couldn't help but think that the game felt like someone played Saints Row 1 and 2 and made a soulless clone of those games.


And my gawd is this game full of bugs. I walked by a gang and went to a shop, they attacked me while in the shop and the game pulled me out of the shopping screen, wouldn't let me fight back like I was still shopping, so I just had to sit there and die. Another bug is if you are browsing shared bosses, it changes your voice and underwear to whatever one you last looked at.  And good gawd, are some of the side hustles unfair to the point I just gave up.  Also, whoever thought the historic sites were a good idea for a side quest needs to be fired immediately, holy shit is it tedious and boring to do those.


On the plus side, the character creator is very good.  When you browse some of the shared bosses people made, it is quite impressive.  Some of the missions are fun, like the one where you are dragging around a tractor trailer on a chain, had fun leveling everything with that.


I'm going to try and 100% it, but I will say this is easily the worst game in the series.