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Topware Interactive Sale incl ~$40 shipped Xblades CE with ayumi statue

29 December 2013 - 02:27 PM

Topware Interactive, best known for Two Worlds, Two Worlds II and X-Blades, is having a sale with advertised savings of up to 90%. Most of the good deals are on PC games, and shipping does somewhat kill the deal (I think they are shipping from Germany), but if you really want some of their Collector's Editions it might be worth it (although Amazon also has some deals for them right now).


I didn't have problems checking out with paypal.


Also, be careful with the Xbox games, as they may not be playable in the US.



I'll be adding some specific items and left this as a wiki post so anyone can update it.





:ps3: X-blades Royal Bundle - $34.00 (depending on exchange rate) + Shipping w/ ayumi statue, probably NSFW


:pc: Two Worlds II Velvet Edition - $12.37 + Shipping



Amazon has some decent prices (Prime eligible):


:pc: Two Worlds II Royal Collector's Edition (with Statue) - $29.99

:ps3: Two Worlds II Velvet GOTY - $24.99

:pc: Two Worlds II Velvet GOTY - $17.99