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Blog emg28 > My quest for the $45 120gb 360 HD.

Posted 29 November 2008

Inspired by Birbo's post in the Target clearance thread, I was determined to pick up a 120gb HD at Target for $44.95. I previously had only seen the HD being clearanced for $125.98. This past Tuesday, I went on Target.com and saw that 2 other stores had the HD in stock. That made a total of 6 Targets with a HD in "stock".

On Tuesday, a thread was made...

Blog emg28 > I won an Xbox 360!

Posted 16 July 2008

I wasn't really sure where to post this on CAG so I decided to just write about it here. In early May, I went to Las Vegas for 3 days to a work-related convention. On the showroom floor, the vendors would scan your ID badge when you were interested in their product. Some of the vendors were holding drawings and giving away prizes.

Last Tuesday, I got a...