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Palm Tree Beach > How To Make The Breasts Jiggle In Dead Or Alive 5 Plus

Posted 19 March 2013


On Friday, GameStop broke Dead Or Alive 5 Plus' street-date and began selling it before today, March 19th. Earlier that day, Team NINJA had shown off the game in-action via a live-stream on Nico-Nico. One "feature" they had some fun with during the stream w...

Palm Tree Beach > BlueSwim's E3 Predictions

Posted 06 June 2011


I'm Stocked Up And Ready For E3. What will we see this year? Here's what I think...


-A new Super Smash Bros. is announced. If for Project Cafe, it will be a launch window title. - RIGHT! No timetable given so launch window release still possible.

-Pikmin 3 will...

Palm Tree Beach > A Short & Sweet Break-Up Letter To Club Nintendo

Posted 06 May 2011


Dear, Club Nintendo,

We need to talk. If you're serious about changing, it's over. I know you love me and I love you, too. But, this change in your terms of service is a bigger commitment than I'm ready for. With everything that's been going on with the PlayStation Network,...

Palm Tree Beach > Tales From The Thrift #001 - April 2011: So Much Fun And It's Only A Dollar!

Posted 30 April 2011

Would you believe that there are people who don't go to thrift stores? It's true! Seriously, there are some people who don't go to places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, pawn shops, and their local second-hand stores. They miss out on great deals you just can't get from the big-box chains. I'm hoping this blog will change that. Instead of doing my traditio...

Palm Tree Beach > Oh, GameStop...

Posted 03 April 2011


I spotted this at GameStop today and snapped a photo of it with my :3ds:.

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