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The Amazins mind of Mr.Integralsmatic > Cryamore: A first class take on the Action RPG Genre (Kickstarter Campaign)

Posted 27 January 2013


(Apologies for the image being too big. I pulled this from Rob's DeviantART page :-#:fridge:)

Cryamore Kickstarter Campaign Link

Hello everyone,...

The Amazins mind of Mr.Integralsmatic > My first ever attempt at making a Joystick

Posted 30 December 2010


I put the image in spoiler tags because my new camera at the highest quality takes them huge lol.

So this is my frist attempt at dealing with modding a joystick. I have to say its a fairly simple process and its not that intimidating whatsoever...

The Amazins mind of Mr.Integralsmatic > New York City Comic Con Day 3 Recap with pictures(sorry for the late blog)

Posted 13 October 2010

Hey guys/gals sorry for the blog. I got sick a day after the convention ive had no energy yesterday to write the blog and upload the pictures. First off before i get in to my recap, i uploaded the pictures all to my photobucket account to the album or cosplay pictures will be uploaded there. Ill post the sketches and my artwork here. anyway, here it goes....

The Amazins mind of Mr.Integralsmatic > New York City Comic-Con Day 2 Recap(No pictures until after last day)

Posted 10 October 2010

Day 2 of NYCC was CRAZY HECTIC! The exhibitor room was fully packed. I couldn't even get inside to watch a full match of MvC 3 or play the new Mega Man Universe. anyway I arrived at 10 and went to my friend's table to drop him off so much needed fuel for his long day. I hung out at the for about an hour taking some pictures of awesome costumes. I really w...

The Amazins mind of Mr.Integralsmatic > New York City Comic Con Day 1 Recap

Posted 09 October 2010

So this is for the comic book and pop culture and even the gaming community here. So this is my third year going to the New York City Comic Con. I have to tell you that even on day 1 it is a great show. This may be the best show yet with the amount of events and demos that are being shown at the show. As some of you i usually spend most of my time at Arti...