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thorbahn3's Blog > Vote for my Drak Souls 2 Shield Design please.

Posted 22 April 2013

30026 So I saw the blog post that's about three or four entries down, and decided to enter too. When I think of medieval stuff, I often think of my own last name, Thorbahn, so I decided to go with some kind of lightning design.

I took some photos I had, and came up with the design you see on the upper left. It tells a simple story of the impending stri...

thorbahn3's Blog > delete please

Posted 30 September 2012

delete please.

thorbahn3's Blog > Clastle Released

Posted 31 May 2011

Hey Fellow CAGs my indie game "Clastle" came out on Gamersgate.com today. You can check it out, and hopefully purchase it here: http://www.gamersgat...CLASTLE/clastle

thorbahn3's Blog > Pre-order my Indie game please

Posted 20 May 2011

Hey everyone

So I've been working on this indie game called "Clastle" for a little over a year now and starting today you can pre-order it on gamersgate. If you could do me a favor and check it out at: http://www.gamersgat...CLASTLE/clastle that be wonderful. Thank you.

thorbahn3's Blog > Rocket Launched: The Rocket Launcher Interactive Podcast

Posted 07 November 2010

So I've been working hard on Clastle. myself and the other people I'm working with decided to create a podcast for people interested in learning about the game creation process, working with other people and more. The podcast isn't too long and goes along at a nice pace so if you're interested in the game or thoughts on creating a game from people who are...