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Blog PenguinoMF > The Beatles: Rock Band - Rocking Review of Death

Posted 14 September 2009

Today, I took a little shopping trip to Best Buy to spend a gift card (that they sent me for being a crappy company that doesn't honor its policies) that was burning a hole in my pocket. I go over to the video game section and start looking around. Time to make a choice. Do I get Little Big Planet or The Beatles:RB for 360? I just got the new PS3 Slim and...

Blog PenguinoMF > Game Review: Rubik's 360

Posted 05 September 2009

No, this isn't the latest Xbox 360 game to hit the shelves. It is actually the newest puzzle from Ernő Rubik, the inventor of the well known Rubik's Cube. I saw this a couple days ago at Target after seeing a preview of it online months ago. I decided to pick it up because I enjoy brain teasers and puzzles and it looked like a good challenge.


Blog PenguinoMF > Dear Treyarch

Posted 20 July 2009

The spawning in CoD:World at War is shit and basically forcing people to download the new maps is even more shit.

I love how you can spawn in multiplayer, take two steps, and get shot. Then when you spawn after that you end up on the completely other side of the map. Why the Fuck is spawning such shit?

I also love how you are basically forced to buy the...

Blog PenguinoMF > My New Favorite Web Game: Fantastic Contraption

Posted 12 August 2008

So I found this new web game on Joystiq today. It is called Fantastic Contraption and can be found at http://fantasticcontraption.com/ . You have to build a contraption (possibly fantastic) to transport a target item into the goal area. You are only given wheels, water rods, and wood rods to complete the task. You connect wheels and rods together to move...

Blog PenguinoMF > Why Are COD 4 "New" Maps Hated So Much?

Posted 02 August 2008

About 4 months ago, Infinity Ward released 4 new maps for Call of Duty 4. I downloaded these maps a few weeks ago and I personally enjoy them. But it seems to me that a lot of people hate these maps. As soon as these maps appear in the lobby there are a few votes to skip the map. And more often then not the map gets enough votes to skip it. Earlier I was...