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PS1 & 2 games and guides for sale

12 January 2008 - 04:32 PM

I have a bunch of PS1 and a couple of PS2 games and a number of guides for sale. http://club.ign.com/...kakun&mode=vown The link is to the list of games for sale,but willing to trade if the trades are good. Games are all in excellent to perfect condition. If you have any questions about my credibility, you can talk to Derrick1979. Feel free to messege me with any questions. As things are sold, I'll put them in red. Also I have also started taking pics of alot of my things and you can check em out at http://profile.image...user/no1bakakun

GUIDES: (condition)
Parasite Eve (very good)
Metal Gear Solid (excellent)
Breath of fire 3 (excellent) (sold)
Resident Evil 2 (excellent) (sold)
Beyond the Beyond (ok, some noticable water damage)
Saga Frontier (very good, cover got a little bent)
Final Fantasy Tatics (good, binding kinda comming apart) (sold)
Alundra (excellent)
Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete (Working Designs) (good, binding kinda comming apart and cover corner got a little bent) (sold)

Final Fantasy 7 Collectible Edition by Bandai (Cloud,Tifa,Aeris,and Barrett...all in original box)

Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack (4 disks)
Xenogears Soundtrack (2 disks)
Dance Dance Revolution 2 Soundtrack (2 disks)

Two Mix - Single Collection and Rhythm Formula(2disk)
Megumi Hayashibara - Half and Half
Chage & Aska - Very Best Roll Over 20th (2 disk)

Brain Powered 1&2
Lain Cybera Mix
Trigun - the first doughnut
Maze (TV)
Naussica - Best Collection
Magic Knight Rayearth - Best Song Book
Princess Mononoke

Evangelion Rei resin bust statue (very rare, bulit for and featured at Jaf-con 96, stands 10 in tall)
Evangelion Rei, Asuka, and Misato resin kits (need to be assembled and painted)
Evangelion Rei collector card holder (hold up to 60 cards)
Evangelion/Newtype Film books
Card Captor Sakura/Clamp Illustrations Collection
Kenshin illustration/comic book (japanese)
Gundam Wing illustration collection
Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) movie book