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Blog dragyynvessyl > Miyamoto and Me

Posted 29 July 2008

I was down in LA a couple years ago for E3 & while hanging out with my friends at the Beard Papa cream puff store by the Kodak Theatre I looked up and noticed a Japanese man by himself looking at the stars in the sidewalk. At first he looked like any other tourist, and then I realized it was...Shigeru Miyamoto. I grabbed my camera and my friend and got th...

Blog dragyynvessyl > Videogame Mustaches

Posted 03 July 2008

I'm quite pleased Kojima decided to recognize the power of the mustache with Old Snake. He looks great, but let's not forget those that came before him. Here's the only piece of art I've ever purchased:


Mario, Wario, Dr. Robotnik, Soda Popinski, "Fighter" from RING KING, and Dr. Wily are repre...