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Blog sublime90 > My Recent Gaming Ganks

Posted 07 October 2009

i like these blogs so i decided to make one. heres some games i recently grabbed. im on a huge PC gaming binge lets take a peek.
as pictured i grabbed
-Trine ($12)
-Half Life 2 ($8)
-Wolverine ($15)
-Mirrors Edge ($8.50)
those all from ebay
not pictured i also picked up Wanted weapons of fate and Call of Juarez.

next up my DS binge
grabbed M...

Blog sublime90 > MW2 Controller

Posted 04 October 2009

Hi CAGS im currently in the market for a new Xbox 360 controller. the 2 white ones i have just suck, the left sticks on both are pretty messed up. Im a huge COD4 fan and am really hyped for MW2 so when i heard they were releasing a MW2 controller i was thinking "sweet". Then i saw it on amazon 9424

im just not feeling it. its a Mad Catz product it appea...

Blog sublime90 > sit back relax and laugh your balls off

Posted 09 August 2009

alright so this is a golden nugget from youtube. shawn elliot from GFW griefing some people on TF2 with Demonius X. honestly this shit cracks me up every time i hear it

Blog sublime90 > My 7th Blog Post Ever!

Posted 01 April 2009

ive been buying alot stuff in the past month and wanted to share. check it out


alright but really heres some stuff i got, a few deals in there as well.


heres the breakdown

PSP Games
hot shots golf open tee 2 (350 goozex points )
locoroco 2 (20 dorras )
buzz (350 goozex points )
final fantasy crisis core (6 dorras )

i gotta sa...

Blog sublime90 > Oh no you didnt

Posted 30 August 2008

tell me this isn't funny.