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Blog StrandedBrit > Happy Birthday PS3! (My PS3 anyway)

Posted 05 August 2008

My PS3 will officially be 1 years old this weekend. I can't beleive that it's been that long to be honest. Seems like yesterday that I was firing up Uncharted, COD4 and others for the first time.

Of course this gen, that makes me scared. Next week if my PS3 dies I'm suddenly out $150 and while it seems that the triple is much better built than then 360...

Blog StrandedBrit > It's Hot ....

Posted 16 July 2008

Darn air conditioner has been out for 2 days and it's been pretty rough without it. Last 2 nights I even heard my PS3s fan kick it up to maximum. Never heard that before.

Hopefully it gets fixed today. While I understand how people function without it, I also understand that it increases my quality of life significantly.

Yeah I'm spoilt.