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Tough Decision: Keeping CE/Console Boxes

06 February 2018 - 08:51 PM

I think I've come to the point in my video game collecting career where I'm running out of room.  In my basement I have all of my games displayed, Steelbooks on the wall, consoles on the TV stand, and collector's edition statues on the tops of shelves.  The problem I'm having is all of the boxes from the consoles and collector's editions.  My laundry room is overflowing with boxes!  


Now I don't ever plan on displaying the boxes.  The reason I've been keeping them so far is for resale purposes if I'm ever strapped for cash.  There's been a couple games I've owned that shot up in value and I ended up selling them (Dark Spire on DS!), and lots of yard sale purchases that I've used my old boxes for. Also, Amazon trade-in's often give more for things like consoles in the box.


Right now I'm thinking maybe just toss the boxes from over-produced CE's (Battlefield 1, Mirror's Edge, Halo, Skyrim, etc.) and maybe keep the ones that I think may hold value down the road?  Anyone else have this problem?  Tips, suggestions, thoughts?