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When do you guys expect to see the first deals for PS4?

20 October 2013 - 11:45 PM

I've been with CAG for a while, but not long enough back to see the last console launches of 360, Wii and PS3. So my question is: When do you guys expect to see any sort of temporary deals (Not an official price drop by Sony of course, I don't expect to see that for at least 2 years or more most likely) on PS4s' price by stores like Target or Best Buy or even online places like Amazon?


The reason I ask is because I was planning on getting a PS4 at launch with Watch Dogs (I currently still have a pre order), but since Watch Dogs was delayed and it was the only launch title I was really excited for, I'm considering cancelling it and getting one in February for inFamous: Second Son which is the first PS4 exclusive I'm super hyped for. But then the question is: is it even worth cancelling it? I'm pretty sure by next February in 2014 it'll be easy enough to just find a PS4 anywhere, but then the only reason in my eyes to cancel it would be potential launch defects which would most likely stay with the system in February and an extended warranty. Or, a slight saving in price of the PS4 (perhaps an inFamous bundle or some minor price deal) but my question to you guys is how likely do you see that happening? Would you guys recommend even cancelling the pre order if I plan to just get it in Feb anyway? Thanks! :)