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The JMEPO Awesome Blog! > JMEPO's PS3 Collection 1-14-13

Posted 14 January 2013

Hey CAGs how ya doing? I don't know if you remember me because I haven't been so active posting here the past few years, but I still love this site; it's the reason I'm able to buy so many games in the first place. Anyways I thought I'd put up a blog with a picture of my PS3 collection. As you can see it's gotten a little bigger than when I first posted i...

The JMEPO Awesome Blog! > NGP Preview!

Posted 29 January 2011

The NGP is a truly marvelous piece of technology that will redefine the way you see next generation gaming. The system at last features two glorious thumb nubs for you to fondle all day long, a touch screen 43X the resolution of the current PSP, and additional touch sensitivity incorporated into the back of the device allowing you to use your erect...

The JMEPO Awesome Blog! > Question Blog of the day! Religion Edition!

Posted 27 January 2011

Ok guys... Deep topic today; religion! I thought it might be an interesting thing to hear some of your thoughts on it.

Religion for me has never really been a part of my life, I mean my family celebrates Christian holidays like Christmas and easter but those were always just the great days once a year when a fat bearded man wearing a red suit would come...

The JMEPO Awesome Blog! > Question Blog of the day!

Posted 22 January 2011

What's up people? I thought it might be sort of fun to do a blog series asking you guys simple questions. Maybe It'll even spark a fascinating comment box discussion. :D

Question of the day: What are some websites that you really enjoy and visit regularly?

There's like a bahgillion webpages out there and I still find myself bored a lot; I've tried site...

The JMEPO Awesome Blog! > TV shows you should be watching

Posted 19 September 2010

Lately (and by lately I mean the last few years) It seems like it's just been a great time for TV. There's just been so much awesome stuff on air I find myself wanting to watch new episodes of the same shows more than I want to see a new movie. I thought I'd post a brief summary on some of the best shows I've been watching so you could check them out too....