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13 October 2016 - 03:17 PM

Inferno. This time, awesome and totally believable historian Robert Langdon finds a hidden clue to the whereabouts of hell or some such nonsense in the first part of Dante's Divine Comedy.


It's almost as if st4r's girlfriend...canto wait.




So here's the deal going on vacation next week, I found out that there is a remote town that is home to wild horses. The catch its only accessible by walking all the way up the beach a 3 hour walk there and back so total 6 hours. OR!!!!......... RENT A DUNE BUGGY!!!!!! SO GUESS WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!! You got it.......................... buy BBQ at this nice joint down there and eat until I forget about the horses.

Stolen Rules from FBI, why cause hes the King of this lowball stuff..

1. Bids are to be posted in this thread to qualify; outbidding somebody requires a new post

2. Minimum $1.00 starting bid, then whole dollar increments thereafter per item
3. ALL CAGs ARE COMMITTED TO THEIR BIDS (negative feedback for non-payers)
4. Payment via PAYPAL ONLY

5. SHIPPING COST via USPS based on weight & size from zip 15210
6. LASTLY, HAVE FUN & SCORE SOME GREAT DEALS IN MY 81st LOWBALL extravaganza! I mean St4rgalaqtics 3rd lowball.

LIES I'M GETTING A DUNE BUGGY AND SEEING THE HORSES, but its not in the budget so lowball time.

Lowball will be basically be all of my double games or things that I forgot about and never used. Here's a short list more items may be added.


Gameboy Pocket - Gold (Couple of scratches, some fading) $9 - goguenator

Nintendo DS Items

Contra 4 (CIB) $11 - Goguenator
Kirby Mass Attck (CIB) $7 - encendido5
Kirby Squeak Squad (CIB) $9- AionTelos
Ghost Trick (CIB) $7 - encedido5
Elite Beat Agents (CIB) $6 - Goguenator
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations (CIB) $10 -encendido5
Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (CIB) $12 - encedido5
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (CIB) $7 - AionTelos
Trauma Center Under the Knife (CIB) $8 Ros
Super Mario 64 DS (CIB) $10 - Kube00
Hotel Dusk Room 215 (CIB) $8 Goguenator
Zelda Phantom Hourglass (CIB) $9 - AionTelos
New Super Mario Bros. (CIB) $6 Goguenator
999 (CIB) May need cleaned had to insert it twice for it to load up in my 3ds. The I proceeded to play it for 2 hours. Got the stabby ending :( $16 - AionTelos
Metal Slug 7 (CIB) $11 - Goguenator
Puzzle Quest Galactrix (CIB) $4 - goguenator

NES Games:

Metroid $8 - goguenator
Zelda II Gold Cart $12- Darkragnorok
BAD DUDES $4 Goguenator

N64 Game

Zelda Majoras Mask Gold Cart Hologram $11 - Goguenator - May need new battery cannot test as my N64 is out getting a HDMI Modification.


Zelda OOT Master Quest (CIB)$17 - AionTelos Disc has smudges and scratches but plays the whole way through.

PS2 Games - All PS2 games are in original cases with Manuals

The Davinci Code Don't ask why i have this game please $1 - Lexian
Guitar Hero I & II Dual Pack
Resident Evil Outbreak $4 - Lexian
Guitar Hero Encore Rock the 80s
Grand Theft Auto III Greatest Hits
Resident Evil 4 $4 - Lexian
BUZZ! The Mega Quiz and BUZZ! Hollywood Quiz (Comes with Buzz Controllers usable on PS2 and PS3)

Sega Genesis Games

The Lion King $2 - Lexian
Sonic Spinball $2 - Lexian
Bubsy $2 - Lexian
Judge Dredd - Only one with a manual $4 - Lexian
Wolverine Adamantium Rage $5-darkragnorok
Eternal Champions $4 - Lexian
Red Zone $5 - daywalker2k2
Tazmania - Game only $1 - Goguenator

That's it for now more items to be added tonight along with pics. HELP ME GET TO THOSE HORSES!!!

UPDATE: Someone asked since it ends on Sunday and I am going on vacation. Does that mean they have to pay immediately. The answer is no, I have a back up that will be shipping out orders while I am away.