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Yesterday, 08:43 PM

Took a crack at Trials last night and gotta say, I really liked the mixed-up map schedule.  Made the whole experience more enjoyable.


Nearly went flawless (laggers again).  First loss came at our 4-win mark.  Tight match but lose.


So, mercy boon used up.  Roll thru the next 3 matches, some tough(came back from being down 3-1 to win 5-4), some pushovers.  Go for our eighth win on Widow's Court and it was a mess.  Opposite team had a red-bar who was matrix'g all over the place, but at least you could still kill him.  His buddy, however, just would not die even though he supposedly had a good connection.  He only took damage from area attacks, like grenades, rockets, nova bombs or titan smash.  Made a good come back but still lose.


There goes flawless.  Next match, more of the same.  One guy who just won't take hits.  At one point, I hit him with 2 strikes from bladedancer and he's still walking around with a 3/4 full health bar... sigh


Anyway next match after gets us a team of low-levels (26, 33, 34).  We wipe the floor with them.  Though we had a thought that one of them was trying to DDoS us just because he never moved from the spawn point  for the first few rounds and there was the occasional delay in moving from round to round.


This is the sorta stuff that makes it hard for me to consider Trials a legitimate game mode.



Had a group of 5-6 run crucible later in the evening and it was a complete mess. Connections were abysmal with most matches bordering unplayable. I get that more people are on later in the evening but the connection issues are inexcusable on Bungie/Activisions part. By now, they know how many people will be playing and should have this sorted out.

I've noticed that going in with a big group will usually  result in a lot of lag.


It's a blast being able to roll in 5-6 deep.  It's some the most enjoyable PvP matches I've had but it causes issues.

Guess trying to link up a team that's spread across the US is just too much.

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25 July 2015 - 12:44 AM

Oh... so you're THAT guy huh :shame:   j/k ;)


Nah, pretty sure it's a PvE driven nerf.  Bungie says it's due to the blackball'g that goes on for Raids/NF's/etc.  But it's really just a miscalculation on how OP  Gally is in the game. 


IIRC, the nerf is going to reduce WP rounds by a 1/3.  That's not a big deal in PvP, but it would cause you to pop another heavy synth for PvE activities (boss fights mainly)

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24 July 2015 - 07:37 PM

Ok dumb question 2 for the day. Got some ps gold headphones today, and couldn't play with them on. Do I just need to fiddle with the latency some or is headphone play just a bad idea

PS4 has an option to redirect game audio thru your tv speakers or headphones.  That may be the problem you're having

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24 July 2015 - 07:20 PM

^  This...

Wolfpack rounds set it miles ahead of any other rocket launcher (until the nerf anyway).


The damage from the initial blast is similar to every other RL, but that initial blast also unleashes the WP rounds (12 total I think); each WP round is a mini-rocket that homes in on your target.  So you get initial blast damage plus additional pinpoint damage, from WP, on your target.


To give you an idea, one rocket can take out a yellow-bar captain (like the ones that come during the Queen bounty drop ships) and still leave a few mini-rockets for surrounding enemies.  It just chews thru stuff. 

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24 July 2015 - 12:32 AM

Kinda sounds like they're riding on the reviews for the initial batch of guitars they ever sold.

Those were considered a good deal for the fit, finish and price.  The 2nd gen versions of the same guitars got stripped down a bit, but were still fine.  Guess they really cut back on the quality.