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Posted by aFrostyONE on 03 September 2021 - 12:04 AM

Hey everybody!  Hope you're all chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool 8-) .


Sad news...

-haven't seen mention of the the new Rocksmith beta in a while.

-and I missed the Couch Guitar Straps summer sale.  Hopefully one of you caught it.


Good news...

Labor Day sales have started to pop up!


Guitar Center Labor Day Sale


Sweetwater Labor Day Sale


Prymaxe Summer Sale


-for the Prymaxe sale... you may need to contact the site via chat, to get the coupon code to work.  

MusiciansFriend.com Labor Day Sale




And probably worth a quick check tomorrow to see if other stores/sites activate Labor Day Sales too.


Other than that, we're a little under 3 months from Black Friday and the Wildwood Guitars annual sale. :bouncy:

Hopefully it happens again and MORE hopefully... they have stuff I want to buy (and I have the cash to pull it off) :razz:

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 14 March 2021 - 08:28 PM

Hey everybody, been a minute...


Stupid Deal of the Day!

Disney Coco x Cordoba mini guitar, in natural, for $90


-thought these were all sold out, but hey nice surprise


And PC players...

Fanatical.com has both original Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014-REmastered on sale for $8.39 each

Rocksmith - https://www.fanatica.../game/rocksmith

Rocksmith 2014-REmastered - https://www.fanatica...tion-remastered

Just note the sale ends 3 hours from now... oops :-#

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 25 November 2020 - 10:33 PM

Official Black Friday sales are live!

Enough sites have posted their deals, so I'm lumping them all in this post :mrgreen:


Sam Ash


-select items on sale

Eastwood Guitars


-similar to a recent sale; get 15-20-30% off your purchase price.  Discount level depends on how much you spend ($500-1000-1500)

Wildwood Guitars


-select items on sale (including some Rickenbackers)



-up to 25% off, sitewide

-if like other years, most items will get a 15% discount.  AND if the discount doesn't take... you'll just need to start a chat window & they should be able to take care of you.



-select items on sale

-a lot of the same stuff from the pre-Black Friday sale



-most items get a 12% discount, with a few categories getting a 25% discount

-remember to activate both codes, even if you don't think it may apply.

Coast Sonic


-technically still a pre-Black Friday sale on select pedals

-if the BF sale is similar to last year, they'll open it up to 15%off everything on their site

-discount is auto-applied in cart.



-15-20% select items.  Expect most to be 15%off

Chicago Music Exchange


-so far, no change from the pre-BF sale... if you didn't like what you saw before, you ain't gonna like what's there now.

Guitar Center flyer


-nothing amazing.  Certain roadrunner cases will be $60 each  see below:

-rectangular guitar case


-rectangular bass case


-classical guitar case


-dreadnaught guitar case



In the end, it's all pretty ho-hum.  Nothing that falls into the category of "buy now & figure out how to pay it off later".  Just about everything has popped up at similar prices through out the year.  Oh well...


In any case, Have Fun and Stay Safe!  2020 is almost over... Woo-Hoo!


EDIT:  as of 11/28/2020

Here are a couple of quick hits you might have missed...

American Musical's Black Friday sale items


Alto Music

-they have the Mini-Super Beatle VOX amp, in british racing green, for $244.44


Sam Ash

-they have the Blackstar Artist 15, in blonde, for $599.77


-and the Orange Amp 30watt Tremlord for $899.77 (only the orange tolex model)



Nocturne  Brain Pedals


-smaller boutique builder, having a $30off sale on all items

-use code "I Love Black Santa"  (yes, leave in the spacing haha)

-code only applies once per order.  If you do buy more than one thing, start a fresh order for the 2nd item.

The Ubangi Stomp and Fluid Drive are probably the most universally friendly pedals for whatever style you play.  The others are also cool, though maybe a bit niche.


Wolftone Pickups


-another smaller builder, with cool products

-25%off with code "COVID25"

This sale has indefinite end date... guess when the owner feels like it, lol.


There have also been a few other unique sale/deal items, but they came in and went out of sale faster than a 22yr old & his bots buying up ALL the PS5's

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 22 May 2020 - 08:04 PM

More Memorial Day Sales... along with expansions on prior sales




-ends May 26

-15%off select inventory.  

-Various vendors and items range from New-Mint-Used


Chicago Music Exchange


-valid thru this weekend

-15% off select items




-mostly a pedal sale, but there are a few other things mixed in




-12%off everything with code "MEMORIAL12"

-25%off clearance items with code "MEMORIAL25"


Alto Music


-various items, at various discounts


Pro Audio Star

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay pedal @ $120


-this is a really good delay pedal, especially at this price

Supro Silverwood guitars, as low as $430


-racing green is $430, with the daphne blue and natural ash models at $450

-they also have bundle options with either a gig bag or a hardshell case, priced @ $480 or $520, respectively

Supro David Bowie signature guitar @ $500


-this is NOT the bigsby version

-also available as a bundle with a hardcase @ $570



Harman Audio

DOD Phasor 201 pedal @ $45


-another good pedal, if you like what it does




-posted the sale earlier, but also mentioned that I couldn't find stuff, that I wanted, to qualify :lol: .  If you get stuck, start up a CHAT window and they'll work with you on a deal (most likely 15% off).  I may have something coming in because of this :D/


Have Fun! Stay Safe! And whether it's new or old.. rock the isht outta your gear!!! 8-)  :mrgreen: 

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 18 May 2020 - 09:20 PM

Memorial Day sale at Prymaxe


-25% off with code "MEMORIAL25"

-5% off demo items with code "DEMO5"

-only drag is not knowing which items qualify.  The stuff I tried kept coming back ineligible.


JHS pedal sale popping up at several retailers, 15%off sale

-pretty much the same deal you tend to see around Black Friday.

-Here are the vendors I've found so far:

Prymaxe - https://www.prymaxe....s/new-condition

CME - https://www.chicagom...s/cme-gear-sale

Sweetwater - https://www.sweetwat...iOlsiSkhTIl19fQ


Finally, Firefly guitars has a thinline telecaster, with P90 pups @ $150 + shipping cost.


-currently only available thru their own website

-don't remember ever seeing them do this model with these pickups.  Might be a one-off model that sells out after the first purchase... really don't know.  I've seen them do one-off finishes for other models that seem to disappear in a flash

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 08 May 2020 - 06:01 PM

:whee: ROCKSMITH News! :whee: 

End of an era folks... no more Rocksmith DLC

-Opeth song pack is the last DLC for Rocksmith Remastered

-which pretty much means no more Rocksmith as we know it :cry:


The Dev's, including the DLC team, are officially moving over to their new project.

-this should mean a new Rocksmith for this year :bouncy:  :bouncy:  :bouncy:  (I hope :pray: )


"Future of Rocksmith"


Link to sign-up for more info on the "Future"



Man... I really hope there is a new Rocksmith this year.  Like some of you, I've been stuck in a rut for a while now and work just drains my free time. A new shiny would be a welcome change.

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 03 January 2020 - 07:10 PM

New restock on Firefly guitars


-all solid body models

-the singlecut & doublecut guitars, with one P90 are $130 each

-the doublecut guitars, with two P90s are $149 each


What would you guys recommend for a good bass that I could start out with and play for a few years? Nothing super expensive.

We had some members that were more focused on bass, but I don't know if they're still around.

I'm not big into bass, though I mess around with it like an idiot, so...

SHORT answer - Squier bronco bass

-you can get them for $150 from Sweetwater or Amazon


LONG answer - bunch of things you need to consider

-do you want a long scale(34") or short scale(30") bass

-what kind of music: modern rock, metal (think of solidbody bass), more woody tones (then think hollow or semihollow bass)

-what budget were you thinking about

-are you planning to use it only with Rocksmith (or other similar program) or buying an amp (cabinet or headphone amp)

-etc. etc. etc.


Really LONG answer without me saying much - ask over on the Talk Bass forums (or search those forums) :lol:



I'm just focusing on "NEW" purchases, so what I'm saying is based around that, as well as the ability to buy from a retailer that would provide you with easy access as well as an easy return process (should it be necessary).

-the bronco bass is pretty much the mainstream budget bass guitar that'll get you started.  The build will most likely be fine, though you could end up with a stinker.  

-if you're looking to spend around the $200 price range then consider some models like the Ibanez GSR200 or Yamaha RBX170

<UPDATE: as of 01/09/2020>Guitar Center just put the Yamaha model on sale for $160, in black or sunburst 


-around the $300 price range, I'd say check out the Sterling by MusicMan bass guitars

-around $400, start looking at the Squier Classic Vibe models.


I think researching those models will help you get a feel for things that people like on each.  That in turn should give you more knowledge as you compare between other models and hopefully narrow down your choice.

And do yourself a favor; start looking at the basics of guitar/bass setup.  A simple 5min Youtube video will do you wonders in understanding tuning, intonation and string action.  You'll want to know this regardless of the model you buy. 

Unless you're buying Reverend... their stuff always seems to be good right out of the box. But seriously, google a video... it'll do you good.

Good Luck.

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 15 December 2019 - 09:58 PM


Gretsch G5622t for $549, thru Adorama (courtesy of Iconian, of SD)

Georgia Green - https://www.adorama....rce=rflaid62905

Vintage Orange - https://www.adorama....rce=rflaid62905

Black - https://www.adorama....rce=rflaid62905

-all 3 are the same build (think along the lines of an ES-335, but gretschy)

-semihollow design, with a spruce center block

-Super HiLo tron pups

-licensed Bigsby

-and these should still be "made in Korea" guitars

^ One last FYI on these: price dropped to $449

-In case you missed it, they dropped the price again... no rebate involved.

-Don't expect them to last too much longer. 

-They only have Georgia Green (Orange and Black are sold out).


Iconian @ SD posted a new deal on the Fender Performer and Professional strats

American performer stratocaster, in Lake Placid Blue, @ $749


American professional stratocaster, in Lake Placid Blue, @ $999


- no coupon code, but you do need to use these links.  The old links from earlier in the year don't show these prices (I think they changed inventory tracking numbers)


And not sure if any of you noticed the D'Angelico blowout deals over at ProAudioStar

They still have some good choices but the best/sweet  model was the D'Angelico Deluxe 175.

-made in Korea & equipped with special TV Jones pickups (sort of a hybrid of filtertrons and powertrons)

-all the righty models are sold out, but they still have plenty of leftys :hot:

http://www.proaudios...lico deluxe 175

-pretty sure all the deluxe models come with a hard case

For you righty players, I would say check out the No F-hole models.  These have seymour duncan pickups.

D'Angelico Deluxe SS, in matte black, @ $800


D'Angelico Deluxe Dc, in matte black, @ $800


If you want to see what other models are still available, just search for "D'Angelico Deluxe"


And hanging out all by itself is the Guild Starfire III, in glossy black, @ $680


-this one also comes with a hard case

-full hollow-body guitar with mini-humbuckers and bigsby.

-thinline build, so not as chunky as a Gretsch 5420 or the D'Angelico 175. It's more like a Sorrento


Anyways, only 10 days 'til Christmas and don't expect to see too many new deals pop up.  Would love to be proven wrong... just hafta wait & see.

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 26 November 2019 - 12:02 AM

Here is Wildwood Guitars "Better than Black Friday", black friday sale :lol:


-Just the fact that they advertise Rickenbacker prices makes this sale special ;) .

Ric. 620 @ $1299

Ric. 330 @ $1329

Ric. 4003 bass @ $1499

620 12 strings @ $1529

330 12 strings @ $1699

4003 studio 5 string @ $1699


EastWood Guitars (proper) Black Friday sale


-discount of 15%, 20% or 30% (level of discount depends on how much you spend)

-coupon codes are BFDAY15, BFDAY20 or BFDAY30

I posted a prior EW sale, but that was technically for clearance items that they listed on their sister-site.  This sale is for everything available thru their main site.  Good news is that you'll get to choose from more items.  Bad news, it won't be as low priced as the other sale :headache:  Watcha gonna do...


And the Guitar Center flier was a sad sack of sadness :-(

I mean, Adorama holds better guitar sales... and they're a CAMERA SHOP! smh...

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 24 November 2018 - 09:00 AM

Been a bit too busy to do so, but here's a few of the deals i remember seeing for Black Friday.



Epiphone es-339 in pelham blue for $349


Road Runner wood case for acoustic guitar, @ $50


Molded ABS case for les paul style guitars, @ $60


Squier bullet Mustang, @ $120


-fyi, this is pretty much the same deal from last BF


Gibson Les Paul CM, @ $399.77


-this is another deal from last year. SA had jacked the price up but brought it down recently



-20% off select gear

Blackstar ID Core Beam L.E. @ $140


DOD Carcosa analog fuzz pedal @ $70


American Musical/Zzounds

2018 L.E. es-330 studio in aquamaarine @ $1600


-limited edition hollowbody with humbucker pups (instead of p90's)


-better than black friday sales event


-similar to last year's sale... and yes, they're showing sale pricing for a few different Rickenbacker guitars

Chicago Music Exchange

-up to 20% off sale



-15-20% off sale



-as seen on slickdeals, sale on a few different Gretsch guitars.  They've been on sale before just don't remember if this is the same or better pricing (between $330-600)

1st couple of models - https://slickdeals.n...earchBarV2Algo1

the resthttps://slickdeals.n...earchBarV2Algo1



Eastwood Guitars

-discounts from 15%-30%, depending on how much you spend


Harman Audio

-and last but not least DOD Gonkulator @ $45


-may have taken a year, but I got me a Gonkulator :bouncy:  :D/  :razz:


I'm sure I missed stuff but this should keep you busy for a bit.  Good luck

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 16 August 2018 - 09:45 PM


I'd rather do it on a console, but apparently those cables are some real garbage too, tons of reviews on amazon saying they crap out after a few months. So that's cool

Instrument cables, in general crap out from use.  The RS cable is no different.


An instrument coupler like this:


Plus a regular instrument cable like this:

https://www.amazon.c...ds=guitar cable

Should ensure the RS cable keeps working for a very long time.

-keep the RS cable next to your system and run the coupler+regular cable from there to your guitar and your done. Should never need to touch (or move) the RS cable again.


I did this setup about a week after buying the original Rocksmith and I'm still using the original RS cable w/out issues (over 6 years now).  The regular instrument cable though... well, I've had to switch that out a few times.  :lol:

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 05 May 2018 - 08:40 PM

^ What jsivley said.


It's doable but probably not worth it.

Might be easier to try learning to play it as a righty instead of flipping it around.  If you haven't done it yet, try playing it as a righty and see if you feel good with it.  If not, then focus on getting a lefty guitar.


Here's what you're facing:

-leave the guitar as-is and just flip it

Doing this means the strings will be in the opposite order to what Rocksmith will display, control knobs are in the wrong place and No cutaway to reach the higher frets on the guitar.

-pay to have the guitar set-up for a lefty

Spending more than what the guitar is worth (most likely).  Control knobs are still in the wrong place and No cutaway for the higher frets

-buy a lefty guitar

May be more than what you'd want to spend but it'll be a better experience... that is, unless you think you could get comfortable playing a righty guitar.


These may not be high-end models, but they tend to get solid reviews and aren't too pricey.  Quality of these would be about the same as those Epi les paul jr's:

Lefty SX strat clone in pink for $80


Lefty tele clone in red for $120


Lefty les paul clone (7/8 scale) for $100



The strat is 24.75" scale (aka gibson scale) and the tele is 25.5" scale (aka fender scale).

The les paul is a short scale at 23".

Guessing they're on sale because of the pink color, but even so that's damn cheap for a lefty guitar.


They have other colors on the site if you want to poke around.  Those are just the first few ones I found on their sale page. Here's all their lefty models:



Good luck.

-----     -----     -----    -----     -----     -----

I didn't have time to post yesterday, but hopefully some of you figured out how to stack the 15% ebay coupon with the $400 sale price of the Marshall amp.  Woulda put it around $340, with free shipping from Sweetwater's ebay front.


If not, well... knock back a few and forget i said anything. :beer:  :beer:  :beer:

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 30 March 2018 - 07:52 PM

Guitar Center Spaaaaace Buuuucks deeeeal!

You get another shot at forgetting what you bought, in the hopes of saving on a deal ;) . At least that's what GC hopes, lol.


-good on purchases made from 03/29/18 - 04/01/18

-maxes out @ 500 space bucks (aka, $2500 purchase)

-space bucks delivered between 05/15-05/16

-space bucks expire on 05/23/18; limited to single use


American Musical sent out a email on this:

Gibson Memphis ES-335, 70's walnut @ $1999



And the Goldtop ES-335, from CME, did get posted to the site


-ask "real nice like" and you should be able to get it for $2100, or so

-pelham blue might be sold out, better ask to make sure.


Fender Deal :shock: 

Johnny Marr signature Jaguar @ $1200 in black :hot:



How 'bout that... they're down to $1150.  I woulda bought this at 1200, if it was the psycho orange.

Just drop it to an even grand and I'll settle for the black (pretty please) :drool:



Well thanks a lot! Couldn’t resist.

Congrats! :beer:

Gotta bring more of you down to my level ;) .  How else do I make my buys seem normal :rofl:

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 16 March 2018 - 07:54 PM

St Patty's Day sales at a few spots.


Eastwood Guitars has 20% off green guitars (code "BIGGREEN")


The greenburst Sidejack is pretty cool


The mandocaster was priced better during the blackfriday sale



Chicago Music Exchange has a 15% off sale


If you missed out on some of the prior sales, on the ES guitars, they've got a few that qualify again; ES-339, ES-335 and some Custom Shop (remember to look for "floor model" description)



And Reverb.com has a 15% off sale


Some of the CME stuff is on here too. But you're also gonna see inventory from other vendors.


Finally some lefty love! Been eyeing the Gibson LP Studio for some time now ($749 now). Surprised to see these 2013 models still around. Figured the last new inventory around 6 months ago would’ve been the last of them. My local Sam Ash carries 0 lefties in stock. I’d love to be able to just hold it...mmhmm.

Yeah, Gibson is tracking down every piece of unsold inventory.  

Even Chicago Music got a new batch of ES guitars, mostly 2017 models.  Best of that bunch were a Goldtop 335 (with the dark back), a Pelham Blue 335 and a White 355.  Don't think they're even gonna bother posting them to the website considering how quick they are selling.


BTW, always thought the white LP studio was a sweet model.  But guess I have bad taste since it's the only flavor left.

I seem to have a special talent for choosing the less desirable colors/models :lol: . Those treasure Firebirds got announced and I knew the gold one was for me (single pup FB that reminded me a bit of the Elliot Easton Tikibird).  But the sunburst sold out first.  Now that I've had it for a while I kinda want a sunburst one just to drop a P90 into it.  The resale pricing is stupid though

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Posted by aFrostyONE on 02 January 2018 - 06:10 PM

Happy New Year's!


Amazon Games has Rocksmith for $9 (download only, for PC) :pc: 


NOTE:  this is for the old version of RS.  This is NOT for RS2014 or the Remastered versions.  Even so,

-you're getting 50+ songs

-Guitar & Bass tracks

-and I think you can still import these songs into RS2014, paying the one-time import fee (not 100% certain though)