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Blog chimpian > The End for a wonderful creature

Posted 15 December 2011

This is a downer of a post.
If you are in a good mood, do not read this.
At approximately 10 20 am we put my dog to sleep. He is,was, a pit, chow, shephard, deer, mutt. He was a big scaredy cat who would fight to the end for his best friend in the world my 4 yr old son. His name is Chaac and I apologize to other dog owners but he is the best dog. He s...

Blog chimpian > The 0600 Gamer Dad Club

Posted 29 March 2011

Hello all,
So I recently came to a glorious conclusion there are many dads who game. And gaming dads often give up sleep to play games. I prefer gaming in the morning, its a nice way to start the day. Usually around 600am to 700am sometimes longer depending on when everyone starts waking up on the weekends. During the week it varies.

So, how bout we...

Blog chimpian > Found it :)

Posted 27 February 2010

I know this is dumb but I don't care.

Last summer we had a garage sale
during this sale i tried to get rid of some excess stuff and some games which i hadnt opened yetand were on sale for cheap.
IE Jericho, Sonic and other "gems"
the standout was Valkyria Chronicles for PS3.12471
I priced it at $20 so it wouldn't sell and I could keep it.
IT worked I g...

Blog chimpian > Pumpkin Carving

Posted 26 October 2009

Hello all,

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Far and above all others, even Christmas. And in honor of this great holiday I have carved pumpkins as I do every year. This year I uped the ante a bit. My youngest loves monkeys and the pattern I found was a more difficult then the previous ones I had done. I also found a cool evil Homer pattern...

Blog chimpian > Going to India

Posted 18 August 2009

Good morning all,
And thanks for reading my blog :)

I dont write that often so enjoy.

So my wife and I found a killer deal to go to India for about $1,000 per person flight including: hotel breakfast each day and a dinner at the end of the stay for 10 days. So we jumped on it and we are booked to go on Sept 7th ( here is the tour/site http://www...