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Dual Identity > Galactic Civilizations 2 Diary - Failing Upward

Posted 02 March 2013

Years ago I posted about CVG blogging diaries about turn-based, 4X'r Galactic Civilizations 2. And I've always wanted to do one myself, but general laziness and/or being 3 days into a game by the time I remembered usually got in the way. But last weekend, I remembered! So there, or to be exact, here.

Galactic Civilizations 2 (GalCiv2) is 4x game (explor...

Dual Identity > Ummm.... I kinda lost track of this....

Posted 23 December 2011

Well this year, like most years I went to PAX Prime. And like most years I brought back some codes. Gathered them up, and BAM forgot about it.

So yeah, just came across them. And sure enough there is some League of Legends codes. People really love that game. People sign up for CAG just to DM me months, sometimes years later asking if still have any go...

Dual Identity > GTA V - I don't have the hype

Posted 03 November 2011

Have you seen the GTA V Trailer?


Grand Theft Auto V... yeah... I'm not interested in it.

Maybe it's because I never played much of GTA San Andreas. Sure I pretty much beat Vice City and I played far to much of GTA IV (Good gods Roman's annoying voice is near forever burned into my brain), but screwing around in GTA has always been for...

Dual Identity > The Best Game of PAX Prime 2011: AirMech

Posted 20 September 2011

I saw a lot of games at PAX. Big games from the big companies and small games from the Indies. But nothing blew my socks off like AirMech.


Airmech is a RTS hybrid game from Carbon Games where you control a Fighter jet that transforms into a giant robot. A JET THAT TURNS INTO A ROB...

Dual Identity > PAX Prime 2011: The SONY Corner

Posted 07 September 2011

I played each and every game at the SONY booths at PAX. Even the ones I wasn't all that interested in. Why? Shameless truth here: to get entered in a raffle. A raffle in which I won a Resistance graphic novel I might add, so it paid off I guess.

SONY brought Uncharted 3, Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, and Rachet & Clank All 4 One to the expo h...