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Smell the Paprika > Weekend Review: Army of Two: The 40th Day

Posted 21 February 2010

Its Friday, around 3:30, I am stuck at work, trying to survive the next half an hour, and I get a text message from my buddy. He's bored and doesnt have plans for the night. So we setup a game night. Upon his arrival he pulls out a fresh new copy of 40th day he got from his chicka for bday. We are loaded up with Mountain Dew in the fridge so here we go....

Smell the Paprika > Food Review: The New McDouble

Posted 09 December 2008


It was lunch time and it was time for me to take a break from a hard days start of looking up 360 achievement and pondering what games to destroy now (works been very slow) .

So the wife calls and shes heading to town want to know if im wanting to eat, of course me being the big boy that i am...

Smell the Paprika > Lan Parties Still Work

Posted 04 November 2008


Needless to say to my surprise, 2 weeks ago i was tinformed that there was a Halo 3 Lan Party going on, and was invited to attend. I figured heck why not so i said sure ill be there. While remembering the days of old at previous Halo and Halo 2 Parties i figured things might be f...

Smell the Paprika > First Post... who cares

Posted 31 October 2008

like stated this is it my first entry.... does anyone care? i think not.