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Rawr im fanboy > I turn 21 in < 2 months. Best Alcohol to try?

Posted 18 March 2013

Looking for some tips on some types of alcohol to purchase when I turn 21.

edit: I've had Mike's Hard lemonade, Cheap vodka, cheap beer, and some type of cinnamon whiskey or something. Only thing i've ever liked was the first and last of those listed. Also have had screwdriver and various drinks mixed with cheap vodka, which were alright.

Rawr im fanboy > My biggest "rant" as a PC gamer

Posted 27 February 2013

Steam. Amazon. WHY? Why must you both have such good deals? Too many games to buy not enough time to play them!


Rawr im fanboy > So, I Built My First Gaming PC

Posted 22 February 2013

At the beginning of 2013, i realized I wanted to build a gaming PC. I've never had a gaming PC. My first computer was an emachines all in way from a black friday sale many years ago. After that, I went to a HP laptop, with windows vista (which was atrocious). After that, I went to a 21.5" iMac, which i loved (and still, it's great). Unfortunately, I could...

Rawr im fanboy > My top 10 games of 2012

Posted 01 January 2013

Note: Although i tried to have a complete list of games I've only beaten, it's clear to me some games i haven't had the time to complete deserved a spot on this list, like Far Cry 3. (Going to provide a small description for my top 5)

1. Journey


As soon as I completed...

Rawr im fanboy > Co-Worker doing a kickstarter for childrens book. Can you help CAG?!

Posted 07 October 2012


Can anyone from CAG assist?

A co worker of mine is seeking assistance to help publish his first book. Check out the link for more info.
Any help is appreciated!