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Blog dan13l858 > E3 2010 - Day 1

Posted 16 June 2010

After watching the Nintendo Press Conference in the morning, i went to the LACC to check out the event. Due to Game 6 of the NBA Finals, parking was expensive. As i made my way to the event, i noticed an old friend at the top of the LACC building.


Because of the Sony press conference un...

Blog dan13l858 > My first trip to Japan.

Posted 13 September 2009

i know i don't blog too much on here but i thought today was a good enough time. It's been a dream of mines to fly to Japan and take the country by storm. Anyways, with the little money i had, i booked a trip to Japan. Since arriving to Japan, i have to say it's a great place and i have a feeling i don't want to come back home. J/K The arcades, food and p...

Blog dan13l858 > I'm losing my mind with this whole fantasy football thing.

Posted 08 September 2008

My life has been a disaster since football season started today. How were your fantasy football teams today?

Blog dan13l858 > Damn you Murlock

Posted 11 August 2008

i have been trying to buy Blizzcon tickets all day. A dozen of times, i have gotten to the process screen only to receive that damn murloc fool with a flag saying "An error has occurred. I hate you Blizzard.

Blog dan13l858 > Issac Hayes R.I.P.

Posted 10 August 2008

I hate death. It always comes in three. We lost another one today. Issac Hayes is such a big influence in music. He was the first african american to receive an Academy Award in a non-acting category). His history @ Stax Records speaks for itself. However, he is most recently remember as the lovable character Chef on South Park. We are going to miss you...